Super Bowl: 10 Questions and Answers With Your Girlfriend

Kelly CohenCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2011

Super Bowl: 10 Questions and Answers With Your Girlfriend

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    We all know that Super Bowl Sunday (and maybe even Monday) is considered a holiday by many.  It is a time to sit back with as few or as many people as you want and enjoy the big game.  Whether you go to a bar or a house, whether your team wins or loses, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

    But what happens when you watch the game with someone who asks a million questions?  What if these questions can be so easily answered that you don't even want to bother with them?  How could he/she not know that answer?!

    Unfortunately, women are stereotyped as those who ask a lot of questions.  Maybe your girlfriend just doesn't follow football, or even sports, for that matter.  She may be the one who wants to know.

    Here are 10 questions (and answers) that may come up... Good luck!

10. Who Is Vince Lombardi?

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    The Super Bowl trophy is named after this legendary coach, who won five league championships with the Packers, including three NFL Championships and the first two Super Bowls.  He propelled football into the spotlight in the '60s and redefined the purpose and morals behind football. He had an impact on virtually everyone he came in contact with.    

9. What Does XLV Mean?

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    In Roman numerals, XLV means 45.  The Super Bowl has been denoted with Roman numerals ever since its inception in 1967.  Using the year it was played would be difficult and confusing due to the fact that the NFL season stretches over two years.

8. Where Is The Super Bowl and Why?

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    This is the first time it has been held at the Cowboys Stadium (in Arlington, Texas) and the third time in Texas.  It was selected in 2007 as the site for this season’s game.  It is usually played in a warm location or a stadium that is not outdoors.  The stadium is a beyond state-of-the-art, over $1.2 billion arena, seating about 82,000 in its 3.2 million square feet.      

7. Why Do Commercials During the Super Bowl Cost So Much?

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    The average 30-second spot costs between $2.8 million and $3 million.  About 106 million people watched last season’s game, making it the highest viewed telecast in history. The hype for the Super Bowl seems to almost mirror the hype for its commercials.  Thus, this is an opportunity companies cannot pass up; some even call the price tag a bargain. 

6. What Does “the Spread” Mean When Betting?

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    The Packers are favored over the Steelers by three points, which means someone can bet in three ways with this spread.  I can bet one way with the Packers, meaning I bet with -3.  In order to win this bet, the Packers must win by four or more.  I can bet two ways with the Steelers because they are underdogs.  If I bet with the Steelers, that mean I bet with +3.  You can win the bet if the Steelers lose by two or less or if the Steelers outright win the game.  The spread has shifted lately from 2.5 to three, meaning a majority of the gamblers in the country strongly believe in the Packers.

5. What Is the History Behind the “Packers,” Their Colors and Their Logo?

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    Legend Curly Lambeau was employed with the Indian Packing Company (canned meat) at the time he wanted to create the team in the early 1900s.  He got the funding for equipment and uniform from them, thus the term the “Packers” was created.  The colors of the team were originally navy blue and gold (taken from Lambeau’s alma mater Notre Dame) but were changed to hunter green and taxicab yellow in the 1950s.  The “G” on their helmet is trademarked and was created in the 1960s by their equipment manager—it stands for “greatness” and is the only logo that has ever appeared on the team’s helmets.  

4. What Is the History Behind the “Steelers,” Their Colors and Their Logo?

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    This team has been “Black and Gold” since its inception in the 1930s.  The other major professional teams in the Pittsburgh area also use the same two colors, in addition to the city’s flag.  Although its uniform has only subtly changed over time, its logo has seen many different designs.  The current logo is based on the flag of a local steel company (Steelmark).  Three different colored asteroids flank the words “Steelers,” which have come to represent the three main ingredients in steel-making.

3. Who Has the Better… Hair?

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    Steelers Troy Polamalu and Packers Clay Matthews both have the most recognizable locks in the league.  In addition to having a seeming “rivalry,” they both played at the University of Southern California.  Teammates and friends of both players will back either up no matter what.  In fact, both players actually have contracts with hair products.  But when it comes down to it, Polamalu, the AP Defensive Player of the Year, is the winner with the best and most recognizable hair. 

2. Why Should I Care?

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    The world championship of football is one that is not only rich with tradition, but just about everyone knows about it.  Knowing even the basics about football can be a conversation starter or a relationship former.  There is always one aspect of a football game—especially the Super Bowl—in which you can relate to and enjoy.  Plus, Super Bowl Sunday is basically a national holiday!

1. Who Will Win?

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    The Packers are unstoppable—specifically Aaron Rodgers.  Beating the Bears sent the country a strong message about their talent.  Rodgers is one victory away from being on the same level as legend Brett Favre, and we all have witnessed his capacity for outstanding play.  They won three playoff games in the row to get here, giving them amazing momentum that once they get, doesn’t stop.