2011 NFL Draft: Todd McShay's Top Underrated and Overrated Players

Vincent MoraContributor IFebruary 3, 2011

2011 NFL Draft: Todd McShay's Top Underrated and Overrated Players

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    While taking in my daily dosage of ESPN, a very interesting piece came on about the 2011 NFL Draft. "Expert" Todd McShay was talking about five players, claiming two as overrated and three as underrated.

    Let's take a look at these players and whether he made legit claims. 

    I believe there is such a thing as over-analyzing a player and I believe this is what McShay has done with some of the players.

Overrated: John Clay, RB, Wisconsin

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    Todd McShay made some interesting remarks about John Clay during this interview.

    He stated that he was shocked that Clay decided to go pro, then insinuated that the reasons he went pro were due to Wisconsin's ability without him. McShay stated that Clay was overrated.

    I happen to disagree.

    I believe McShay is over-analyzing Clay and taking it to another level. What happened to the days where we simply looked at how the prospect looked on the field? Now, McShay is taking a shot at Clay's attitude and character. 

    Clay is a great running back with excellent potential. He is a big back that will take it to linebackers. Clay has had a marvelous career at Wisconsin, running for over 3,400 yards and scoring 41 touchdowns. 

    Clay is 23 years old, so that definitely plays a huge factor in his decision to go pro. He knows a running back's lifetime in the NFL is short, so he must go now. I believe Clay will be a second- to third-rounder. 

    McShay has him going in the third day!

Overrated: Ryan Mallet, QB, Arkansas

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    Unfortunately, McShay and I do agree on a couple of things, and one is Ryan Mallet. 

    Mallet will probably end up going in the first round of the draft, but I would have to agree with McShay that Mallet is overrated. 

    Teams will fall in love with his physical features—Mallet is 6'7'' and has a cannon for an arm—but these are also the common features of an NFL bust. Anyone remember Ryan Leaf? 

    Mallet has also had character questions throughout his career, and once NFL teams figure out how to stop him, he will be out of the league in no time.

    We saw it in the Sugar Bowl. Ohio State rushed him all night, and when they got there, they rattled Mallet. Some scouts are questioning his footwork, claiming that when rushed, he will not properly set his feet. The Ohio State game shows this, and once NFL teams take a look at this tape, they will know how to stop Ryan Mallet. 

Underrated: Blaine Gabbert, QB, Mizzou

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    I was extremely shocked when I heard McShay claiming Gabbert as underrated. Are you kidding me? Some mock drafts have him going No. 1 overall!

    One cannot deny the talent that Gabbert has, but he is an underclassmen coming from a school with a gimmick offense. Enough said.

    Gabbert is overrated. Unfortunately, there isn't one elite quarterback in this draft class. McShay is making a big mistake claiming this kid as underrated.

    Gabbert struggles with his accuracy at times and some also question his work ethic. If this doesn't foreshadow failure, I have no idea what does.

Underrated: Mikel LeShoure, RB, Illinois

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    I cannot come up with a reason as to why McShay stated that LeShoure was underrated. The only halfback I see going before him is Mike Ingram from Alabama. I don't not expect him to go before Ingram, so LeShoure will be an early second-round selection.

    LeShoure was basically the Illini offense all year long. He reminds you a lot of Rashard Mendenhall, and I am confident that NFL teams will see this as well.

    LeShoure is not underrated—he is right where he belongs—and that is in the top tier of halfbacks.

Underrated: Tyron Smith, OT, USC

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    There is no denying this young man's talents. I did an article about underclassmen in the NFL first round, and this young man made the list.

    McShay stated that he was underrated, but is McShay living under a rock? Or maybe he just wants to gloat when Smith is taken in the first round.

    Tyron Smith is easily in the top tier of offensive tackles—some websites have his as the third-ranked offensive tackle—so it wouldn't be that big of a stretch to say that he can easily be the first offensive tackle taken.

    McShay once again wants to act like we don't know football. 

Draft Uncertainty

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    Is is very simple for us to sit here and make analysis over all these prospects, but we all know some of them are not going to pan out.

    The NFL is a very competitive league, and if the prospect is not up for the challenge, he will fail.

    There isn't an exact science to the draft or to figuring out the underrated and overrated players, but it is fun to guess.