National Signing Day 2011: Top 10 Underrated Recruits

Chris LeydenCorrespondent IIFebruary 3, 2011

National Signing Day 2011: Top 10 Underrated Recruits

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    By now, everyone has seen the names of the top recruits in the country, the future Heisman and NFL MVP winners.

    But every year there are a few players who show their true potential in college. Maybe no one gave them a shot in high school to excel at the next level, or maybe they are just way better than people thought.

    This sideshow has 10 recruits I think are way underrated and will be household names around college football fans soon.

    Feel free to comment and let me know if you think anyone else will be a breakout star, or if you don't agree with someone I listed.

Jeff Driskel, Florida

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    I know what you're thinking right now. How can the top quarterback in the class and the 10th best player according to ESPN be underrated? I'll tell you why, because he should be top three in my opinion.

    Driskel looks like a player who has everything you would need out of a quarterback: he can run, he can throw and he can throw on the run.

    He seems to have the perfect size for a college and NFL quarterback and will be one of the, if not the, best players of this year's class.

Ishaq Williams, Notre Dame

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    Williams is considered the fourth best defensive end according to, but I still would consider him underrated.

    Williams brings the entire package to the table: he is fast, long and big. One of my favorite characteristics that Williams has is that he gives it his all every play.

    Williams will become a star of the Notre Dame defense and will be a top pick a few years down the road.

Nathan Hughes, Oklahoma

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    Another defensive end I think will really turn it on at the college level is Nathan Hughes.

    Hughes possesses a lot of the same traits that Williams does in that he is very quick and has great size. Hughes is also a great pass rusher, something he will get to show off more in the college game.

    Hughes had to deal with a lot of double and triple teams in high school, and that will have prepared him well for the next level.

Savon Huggins, Rutgers

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    One of the players I am most excited to see play at the college level is Savon Huggins.

    Not even six feet tall, Huggins is almost impossible to take down and will break every arm tackle that is thrown at him. He is not the greatest blocker, but that is why teams have third down backs.

    Huggins had a monster game in high school his junior year when he rushed for 307 yards. He could very well be the next Ray Rice.

Brian Bobek, Ohio State

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    The top rated center in the country could very well turn out to be the top lineman in the country. Bobek is one of only a few star recruits who have played center in high school, and he has shown the skills to do a great job.

    Bobek has a rare trait that only the best centers have, he is incredibly intelligent when it comes to defensive schemes and how to stop them as an offensive line.

    Bobek may be the next Nick Mangold, who was also a star at Ohio State.

Cyrus Hobbi, USC

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    One of the most underrated things to look at when recruiting high school players is who they were coached by. Hobbi comes from a great program that has proven its production before.

    Hobbi is a great blocker, has great technique and will be able to translate to the next level.

    He gets off the ball well and will take advantage of the facilities at USC to better his game.

Corey Moore, Georgia

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    The only thing that is missing from Corey Moore's resume is some playing time. He only started on his high school team as a junior and senior, and has shown great development in those two years.

    Moore will play the safety position with great instincts, which will make up for his weakness in coverage. He will use his speed to cover up any mistakes that he makes.

Damian Swann, Georgia

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    One of Moore's fellow recruits at Georgia is another underrated player, Damian Swann.

    Swann is also a defensive back who played a lot of safety in high school, but will play more cornerback in college.

    Swann has all of the skills needed to be a great corner, he will just need to adjust and learn some moves players don't use as safeties. Swann will also be a threat for the pick-six every time a team throws at him. 

Max Stevenson, Oklahoma

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    Max Stevenson may be a bit thin to be a tight end, but he makes up for his lack of thickness with great blocking technique.

    Stevenson is also a duel threat as a tight end and catches the ball very well. He not only absorbs the hit after the catch, but has the strength to knock players off of him.

    Stevenson will also be a valuable asset for the Sooners when it comes to downfield blocking and turning a big play into an even bigger play.

Dillon van der Wal, Vanderbilt

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    One of the best names on this list, van der Wal is also a great player.

    Standing at a massive 6'7", van der Wal is going to be a huge target for his quarterback and Vanderbilt. For being such a big guy, he also has great hands.

    Van der Wal can also block well and could be moved down to the tackle position.