Packers Restore Lombardi Trophy Back to Green Bay

Sam TastadCorrespondent IIIFebruary 7, 2011

Rodgers and Matthews celebrate their Super Bowl win.
Rodgers and Matthews celebrate their Super Bowl win.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It was a dream come true for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers last night as they defeated the Steelers 31-25 in Dallas as the Lombardi trophy is coming back where it belongs. As in the words of Greg Jennings, "It's a great day to be great." Not to mention it was a great day to be a Packer and a Packer fan.

The Packers went through a lot to get to the Super Bowl and even more to win it yesterday. The biggest obstacle was injuries, and perhaps the biggest was losing Charles Woodson for the second half. However, just like all season long, the team rallied and stuck together and won the team's fourth Super Bowl.

The biggest star was Aaron Rodgers, who had another great performance in the playoffs, as he went 24 for 39 for 304 yards and three touchdowns. Not to mention his 111.5 quarterback rating. Rodgers kept his composure, didn't faze under pressure, and kept his head held high.

He was all smiles after the game, especially while accepting the Lombardi Trophy and MVP award, along with his new car. He even had his championship belt with him up on stage. Rodgers was humble on the podium, thanking Thompson, Murphy, and McCarthy for believing in him and for giving him the opportunities he has in Green Bay. Now, Rodgers is building his own legend, just like Brett Favre did before him.

Greg Jennings also had a great game. He had two clutch touchdowns that both swung the momentum back into the Packers' favor. The first one came in the second half, when he made the catch inbetween two defenders. The second came when he made the game's last touchdown, separating from Troy Polamalu. Jennings was at a loss of words after the game, and gave God all the glory.

On defense, Nick Collins, and Clay Matthews had great games. Collins returned a interception in the first quarter for an early momentum swing for the Pack. Then, in the second half, Matthews forced a fumble that gave the Packers momentum to win the game. That forced fumble came after linebackers coach Kevin Greene told Matthews, "It's time." Then Matthews responded and changed the course of the game.

The game had some unlikely heroes for the Packers. Wide receiver Jordy Nelson had a game for the ages, although he did have some costly drops. Nelson had nine receptions for 140 yards and a touchdown. His best, and most important catch came in the fourth quarter when Rodgers went right back to him after his drop on the play earlier. Nelson converted for big yards, which lead to an eventual touchdown from Rodgers to Jennings.

Also, Charlie Peprah, and Jarret Bush were unsung heroes. Peprah led the team in tackles with ten, and Bush had interception and broke up Roethliesberger's pass to Wallace at the end of the game on fourth and five to ensure the Packers' fourth Super Bowl win. That was pretty much the story of the Packers' 2011 Super Bowl run. Steady play from its superstars, and then huge plays being made by young players like Sam Shields, Peprah, and Bush.

This season won't be forgotten. It will be remembered as a season where this team persevered through injuries and kept reeling until they reached their ultimate goal, winning the Super Bowl.

It will also be known as Aaron Rodgers' rise to becoming an elite quarterback in the NFL. Rodgers now has a Super Bowl title, and is 4-1 in the playoffs

I am sure we'll be seeing Rodgers and the Pack back in the playoffs for years down the road; at least let's hope so! Once again, congratulations Pack on a Super Bowl title! Green and Gold fans let's allow this championship to sink in this offseason!