New Jersey Nets' Derrick Favors: Mid-Season Evaluation Of The Rookie Forward

Artem Altman@ArtemAltmanContributor IIIJanuary 16, 2017

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The NBA season has just passed its half point mark and the 41+ games benchmark should be a good place to review how the Nets rookie Derrick Favors has done so far.

Favors' current stats are 6.6 ppg, 5.2 rpg and 0.7 rpg.

Though considering that Favors came off the bench for 33 of 48 games, Favors hasn't taken advantage of being force fed starting opportunities over Kris Humphries.

Favors is only playing two more minutes starting, and his stats have remained virtually unchanged. If Favors has been looking for a morale boost as a starter, he has certainly hasn't shown that a starter's role has had an impact on his stats.

Derrick Favors:

Starter (15 games): 7.1 ppg; 5.0 rpg; 1.07bpg; fg% 52
Bench (33 games): 6.4 ppg; 5.1 rpg;  0.48 bpg; fg% 56

It's interesting to note that both Favors and Humphries shoot better coming off the bench. However, Humphries is still grabbing more rebounds off the bench than Favors as a starter.

I think right now is as good a time as any to compare Favors to DeMarcus Cousins, a fellow member of the 2010 NBA Draft that was taken 5th overall, two sports after Favors.

Favors:   6.6 ppg; 5.2 rpg; 0.7bpg; fg% 53.5
Cousins:13.7 ppg 7.7 rpg; 0.8 bpg; fg% 43.5

Even if Cousins started 15 more games than Favors. I'm sure there are some folks in the Nets front-office that are biting their elbows at this point because Cousins sure seems like a better player at this point.

Nets management now has to ask themselves if Derrick Favors is worth the wait.

Avery Johnson had recently said that he wants Favors to have at least five dunks in the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge game during the All-Star weekend. Favors replied, "If that's what he wants from me [then] I'm going to give it go him."

Maybe this is a sign that the laid-back Favors will progress sooner than later.