WWE's Royal Rumble Divas Championship Insanity: Natalya Deserves Better

Renee GerberCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2011

Natalya deserves better! Photo copyright to WWE.com
Natalya deserves better! Photo copyright to WWE.com

Hello, Bleachers!

This one is a few days late, but it's been a crazy week yet again...but of course, all of you reading right now knew that I would have to cover this topic.

So, the Royal Rumble came and went, and we had some surprises concerning the Divas Championship match. Originally slated to be another handicap contest between champ Natalya and the pesky, ever-present LayCool, it was not meant to be.

Through Michael Cole and the MacBook, we discovered that the anonymous RAW General Manager changed the match so that LayCool would have no extra edge in the bout, and we were now getting a fatal fourway with a new competitor added to the mix.

Of those of you reading right now who got to watch the Rumble, didn't you all expect to see Awesome Kong make her way to the ring? I'll admit that I did. I even got excited at the mere prospect! Not that I wanted to see Natalya overpowered and woman-handled, but it would have been fantastic to see Kong again, to have another woman who actually knows her way around a wrestling ring in the WWE, and of course, to have Michelle McCool tossed from pillar to post like a ragdoll (enter evil grin here).

But the WWE threw us a major curveball, and Kong did not finally debut. Instead, we got Eve Torres. Eve...although she is not one of my favorite divas, I have no problem with her, but her addition to this match honestly made absolutely zero sense.

I mean, why Eve? OK, I knew Melina wouldn't compete, seeing as she had her title match the prior week on RAW and lost. Maryse has been out of the title picture for most of the year, ever since she hooked up with her albatross, Ted DiBiase. Gail Kim, although newly in a feud with the Bella Twins, hasn't had a championship match since, sadly, nearly a full year ago. They could have surprised everyone by introducing Beth Phoenix as the final addition to the match, but I guess they wanted to even things out by putting a RAW diva in that spot.

The match wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible, either, at least not during the Natalya spots. The third-generation only female graduate of the Dungeon impressed like she always does, including slapping the sharpshooter on both Layla and Eve. It seemed she would definitely retain by the end of the contest, at least in my mind.

On top of that, it seemed for sure that Eve would prove to be the weak link in the match. It's not that she's a bad wrestler—she has improved in the past year and a half, I'll give her that—but you would think that someone so randomly added to a match like this would be the one to take the fall, no?

Oddly enough, no...Eve is now the Divas champion after catching Layla with a moonsault. Simultaneously, McCool was pinning Natalya in a spot I found ridiculous—because what the heck did Mrs. Calaway do that was so "devastating" that it would have kept Ms. Neidhart down for the count?!—and it didn't matter.

The questions beg: Number one, what was the point in adding Eve to this match instead of Awesome Kong? Two, if Kong was originally meant to be in this match, why give the title to the person who replaced her instead? Finally, three, what exactly was wrong with having Natalya as Divas champion?!

As I stated before, I have no problem with Eve. I do like her...but what exactly did she do that warranted giving her the title? She was a last-minute addition, and it's just silly to have her holding the belt at this point in time.

Also, am I the only one who thinks that Natalya's entire championship reign was horribly booked? She honestly had a very poor title run, aside from when she initially won. She had one whole feud as well, against Melina, and it was an absolute waste, with both divas very poorly booked and no build to it. Natalya never even got the expected explanation from Melina as to why she turned on her in the first place. Very awful, abysmal booking and horrible laziness on the part of the creative team. It's sad and pathetic, and it shows just how much the WWE cares about its legitimate female wrestlers.

I'm sorry, but unless Awesome Kong had been part of the fatal fourway match, Natalya should still be champion as we speak. Most importantly, Natalya deserves better! I mean, she's only a third-generation member of the freakin' Hart family...