Maryland Football Recruiting: How National Signing Day 2011 Affected the Terps

Chris LeydenCorrespondent IIFebruary 3, 2011

Maryland Football Recruiting: How National Signing Day 2011 Affected the Terps

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    National Signing Day may not be that big of a deal on the University of Maryland campus, and you may not see them listed on any top-25 recruiting class lists, but the Terps have brought in a class to College Park that will translate to victories.

    With new coach Randy Edsall bringing in his first recruiting class, the Terps signed mostly 3-star recruits.

    This list has ten reasons how National Signing Day affected the Terrapins.

    If you don't agree with one of my reasons or have your own, be sure to add it.

New Coaching Staff

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    Although most of the Terps coaching staff had already been reported by various news sources, they were all together and introduced to to the public on Wednesday.

    The two most notable members of the staff besides the obvious addition of head coach Randy Edsall are offensive coordinator Gary Crowton and defensive coordinator Don Brown.

    Crowton comes over from LSU, where it seems most LSU fans are happy he left. Obviously Maryland taking the offensive coordinator away from a SEC school and one of the best programs in the country looks great, but we will have to see if it turns into results.

    On the other side of the ball the Terps brought back Don Brown, who was the defensive coordinator last year but who many were not sure Randy Edsall would bring back. Edsall definitely made the right decision as the defense was spectacular last year in only their second year with Brown.

Quinton Jefferson

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    Jefferson was the first recruit to commit after Edsall was named head coach.

    A 3-star defensive end prospect from Pennsylvania, Jefferson was ranked as the 25th best player in the state according to Rivals.

    Jefferson will add some much needed pass rushing on the edge once he gets on the field. Don Brown can play this guy down in a three-point stance or standing up, and will use his variability in a Maryland defense that preaches that.

Nathan Renfro

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    Yes, Nathan Renfro is a punter, but he is a darn good one at it.

    Renfro is one of the ten best high school punters in the country, and will be a huge addition for the Terps.

    The position of punter is often looked over when it comes to recruiting, but the Terps have one that will pin a lot of opposing offenses inside their own 20. This gives the Terps defense a chance to do some risky moves and cause turnovers.

Edsall Is All About Good Character

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    I spent Wednesday night at the event that the coaching staff was introduced to the public and during the question and answer section a member of the crowd asked what Edsall looks for in players.

    Edsall seemed to really focus on that he wants players who not only will win games, but who will also excel academically as well.

    The University of Maryland has come under fire lately after news of it being at the bottom of the ACC in football players graduating. It seems that Edsall will not allow the program to get to that level, and if going to make it his personal mission to see his players graduate.

No Need For a Quarterback

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    The Terrapins have no quarterback in their recruiting class and that is just fine with most Maryland fans.

    The program is currently in the hands of Danny O'Brien, who was one of, if not the best freshmen quarterbacks in the country.

    The Terps also have a very talented C.J. Brown backing him up.

    With all of this in mind their was no need for the Terps to waste a scholarship on a quarterback.

Offensive Line

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    The Terps signed five offensive linemen to letters of intent, bringing in a whole new crew to learn from a solid but very beat up current offensive line.

    The teams injuries on the offensive line have been well documented, especially after Pete DeSouza broke both his legs in a scooter accident.

    The Terps signed Nate Clark, Andrew Zeller, Evan Mulrooney, Stephen Grommer and Ryan Doyle.

Not Too Much Lost

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    After the Maryland Terrapins forced Ralph Friedgen out of a job many recruits started to flip-flop on their decision to go to Maryland.

    When push came to shove though, only two important players seem to be missing from the group that will be coming on campus.

    The Terps lost Ryan Malleck, who was probably the most vocal about his decision after Friedgen was pushed out. They also lost Jimmy Stewart from Florida, who could have played linebacker for the Terps.

    Overall though, the Terps made out all right considering the change during prime recruitment time.

Wide Recievers

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    The Maryland Terrapins did a great job bringing in two receivers who could produce immediately, or grow to be top players down the road.

    Nigel King was recruited by LSU and Florida, but the North Carolina native instead decided to bring his talents to College Park. The same can be said about Tyrek Cheeseboro, who is also a very talented receiver.

    These two players may look at players like Darrius Heyward-Bey and Torrey Smith and think that they can be the next big receiver to come out of UMD.

The Return Of Kenny Tate

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    Don Brown joked during his portion of the recruit presentation that the most successful recruiting job the team did was not on a high school player, but on current player Kenny Tate.

    Tate could have opted to go to the NFL, where he was considered to be one of the top safety prospects. Instead Tate will be back for another year with the Terrapins, and will look to continue his dominance as a play-maker.

    Tate is a star and perfect player in Don Brown's defense, and will make plenty of spectacular plays for the Terps come fall.

Next Year Should Be So Much Better

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    This years recruiting class was very solid for the Terrapins, but was very much held back by the fact that their was a lot of turbulence when it came to the coaching situation.

    Randy Edsall only had a bit of time to round out his class, and did make the most of it.

    Maryland fans should be excited for this season, but should be even more excited for what Edsall can bring in next year.

    The Terps play in the same conference as the top recruiting class in the country this year, Florida State, and with a successful season could even put up a similar effort as the Seminoles did next year.

    People are finally getting excited about the state of the program in College Park, and rightfully so.