WWE: Is Diesel Here to Stay? Breaking News on Kevin Nash's Current Status

Jim McCarthy, Jr.Correspondent IFebruary 2, 2011

Kevin Nash and Booker T's surprise appearance at WWE's Royal Rumble Sunday have caused quite a stir in the wrestling community over the past few days. Many, including myself, were left hoping that this wasn't a one-time deal for the former WCW/TNA Superstars.

After last night's SmackDown tapings we learned the fate of Booker T but still were left to wonder about Kevin Nash's WWE status. Was it just a one-time appearance? Will he be heading back to TNA to take part in the new "They?"

The wait is over!

Today, Nash spoke with ESPN Radio's Pro Wrestling Report, available at pwrshow.com, and discussed his future with the company that gave him his break into the industry. Nash explained that WWE took great care of him over the weekend in his preparation for the Royal Rumble and confirmed that he has signed a "Legends" contract with the WWE.

Big Kev made it a point to say that he was looking forward to retiring with the gimmick he used when first breaking into the company back in the early 90s.

Nash also noted that he would be meeting with officials sometime next week "to discuss what's next." The Legends deal will most likely include a WrestleMania appearance and probably a DVD of some sort. Looks like Big Daddy Cool is here to stay!

This only has to fuel speculation that "The Icon" Sting will inevitably be making his much overdue debut in the WWE in the weeks ahead. 2/21/11 anyone?