West Virginia Football: Mountaineer's 5 Most Hated Opponents of All Time.

Bob AllenCorrespondent IIFebruary 4, 2011

West Virginia Football: Mountaineer's 5 Most Hated Opponents of All Time.

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    Here we will take a look at the West Virginia Mountaineers' most hated football opponents of all time. They are in no particular order, but before we get started i would like to give honorable mentions to the following schools:


    Game played: 58, Series edge: Syracuse  31-27

    This game received more attention in the past. Even though the Orange defeated the Mountaineers during West Virginia's homecoming last season, it has been lopsided in recent years with WVU winning eight of the last 10.

    But with a new head coach in Doug Marrone the Orange are sure to improve.


    Games played: 1, Series Edge: Michigan  1-0

    This game was played in 1904 and the Maize and Blue defeated the Mountaineers 130 - 0. No that's not a typo, this is the record largest margin of defeat for WVU.

    The reason fans don't like Michigan is because of the recent coaching "raid" that the Big Ten school has hit West Virginia with, both in basketball and football. However now with Rich Rodriguez being let go, it makes it easier to put Michigan on the honorable mention list.

    There may not be a lot of downs played between these two teams but there is a feeling of competition for West Virginia fans. 


    Games played: 34, Series edge: Washington & Jefferson  20-2-2

    Most people don't even know about Washington & Jefferson, yet from 1891 to 1935 it could be easily argued that they were West Virginia's biggest rival. 

    West Virginia's first game in school history was against the Washington & Jefferson Presidents; WVU lost 72 - 0.

Pittsburgh Panthers

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    Games played : 103; Series edge: PITT 60-39-3

    Pitt is most definitely without any doubt the most hated team that West Virginia has ever played.

    The Backyard Brawl is called that for a reason. These games often go down to the wire and are usually the most difficult to predict a winner

    The most devastating game was when Pitt defeated WVU in 2007 and denied them any chance of reaching the national title game for the first time since the 1989 Fiesta Bowl.

Penn State Nitanny Lions

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    Games played: 59; Series edge: Penn State 48-9-2

    There was a time when West Virginia fans had problems deciding who to hate more—Pitt or Penn State.The Mountaineers would declare a season a successful one whenever they would beat the Nittany Lions

    The last game against Penn State was in 1992; WVU lost  40-26 at home.

    The most memorable win would probably be when QB Major Harris pulled off "The Play" in 1988.

Virginia Tech Hokies

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    Games played: 51; Series edge: West Virginia 28-22-1

    The Black Diamond Trophy is what it's called; West Virginia and Virginia Tech played for this trophy 51 times, but it is the last one that counts.

    In 2005 VT defeated WVU 34-17 in Morgantown and took the trophy home for what may be the last time. It has left Mountaineer fans chomping at the bits ever since.

    However the Hokies left the Big East for the ACC and there are no games scheduled for the foreseeable future. 

    Quick trivia: Just in case anyone is wondering what a Hokie is, it's a castrated turkey.

Miami Hurricanes

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    Games played: 19; Series edge: Miami 16-3

    Miami left the Big East for the ACC with Virginia Tech and Boston College.

    Miami was the only Big East team since Pitt in 1976 to win a national championship, and the only team to win one during actual membership of the Big East in 1991 (AP) and 2001.

    Playing Miami usually meant losing for the Mountaineers as the Hurricanes had an 85 percent winning percentage.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    Games played: Four; Series edge: Notre Dame 4-0

    West Virginia has one national championship appearance in its entire history; it was against Notre Dame in the 1989 Fiesta Bowl.

    The Irish won 34-21 and went on to defeat them three more times in 1997, 2000 and 2001, thus denying West Virginia even the slightest taste of revenge.