Are The St. Louis Rams A Lock For Worst Team in NFL Already?

Joey ColemanContributor ISeptember 19, 2008

Two weeks into the NFL season and it looks like we might have a clear cut worst team already.  The St. Louis Rams have showed absolutely nothing positive besides keeping the game close with Giants till the fourth quarter where it turned into the same old beat down.  

The Rams look like they are going to shoot for that unprecedented 0-16 mark and they way they are playing right now they are very capable.  They look to be worse then the Miami Dolphins last year. 

The Rams have only scored 16 points in two games.  That would be alright if they were playing good defense, but you can't say your playing good defense when you've given up 79 points in two games.

Now whether they are actually about to achieve that 0-16 mark is hard to say.  It is very hard to lose 16 games in a row with a decently talented team, but if something doesn't change soon.  Then be ready to be talking about the Rams going for that 0-16 mark.