Top 10 NFL Runningbacks

Josh TrueloveContributor ISeptember 19, 2008

Everyone says that Running backs are "a dime a dozen" in the NFL, but lets be serious. Theres only about 10 guys who really make a huge difference for their team on the field.


10. Willis McGahee: Baltimore Ravens: The man couldn't be any lazier, but let's face it, he's probably the most talented back in football. Nobody in the NFL has the physical tools like Willis McGahee.

His ridiculous speed and strength make him one of the toughest backs to play against. With a better state of mind, McGahee would finish in the top five in yards and touchdowns every year. Too bad he only plays well when he wants too. But you can't argue with the talent, which puts him at number 10 on my list.


9: Frank Gore: San Francisco 49ers: The U just produces great backs it seems. Frank Gore does it all, knocks over defenders, shakes them out of their shoes, and is a great receiver out of the backfield. Not holding on to the football and injury problems will hold him to number nine on the list. Sorry Frank.


8: Willie Parker: Pittsburgh Steelers: So Willie Parker doesn't score a lot of touchdowns, who cares? The Steelers speedy running back led the NFL in rushing yards through 14 games last season until suffering an injury. The Steelers choose to give the goal line carries to other RBs, not because Parker can't do it, but because they have bigger backs to handle that. Fast Willie lands at number eight on my list, and just may be the most underrated back in football.


7: Marshawn Lynch: Buffalo Bills: 1,115 yards and seven touchdowns as a rookie, impressive. Lynch has the ability to be one of the leagues top five backs. Carrying a injury plagued Buffalo Bills team to a 7-9 record last year was impressive. A strong rookie year and a 2-0 start to this season has Lynch at number seven on my list. Watch out for Beast Mode and the Bills this season.


6: Marion Barber: Dallas Cowboys: Marion the Barbarian is stiff-arming his way into my heart. Can anyone tackle this man? 975 yards and 12 touchdowns as a backup was extremely impressive last season. It's scary to think what he can do as a starter. Dallas has so many great players, but behind Terrell Owens, the Barbarian is without a doubt their best player. Barber has plowed his way into number six on my list.


5: Clinton Portis: Washington Redskins: It's hard to find a Running back more consistent than Portis. In five out of six seasons, Portis has eclipsed the 1,200 yard mark. Three in which, he eclipsed 1,500 yards.

If Jason Campbell can play well and open up the running game a little bit, Clinton Portis will prove any doubters wrong. He can shed tackles like few can and his breakaway speed makes him one of the league's elite. Consistency, speed and strength have Clinton Portis at number five on my list.


4: Steven Jackson: St. Louis Rams: A bad start for the Rams isn't enough to prove to me that Steven Jackson isn't a top five back. The man is a monster. In only 12 games last season he had 1,002 yards and six touchdowns. If the Rams don't fix their offensive line problems, Jackson's fantasy stock could drop, but not his strength and athleticism. Steven Jackson is too much of a great player to be anywhere less than number four on my list.


3: Adrian Peterson: Minnesota Vikings: It was only one season, and his offensive line is the best in football, but last season was anything but a fluke for Adrian Peterson. With as bad as a quarterback Tarvaris Jackson is, Peterson still manages to destroy defenses who are stacking up against the run. His talent is unreal, unimaginable, and unstoppable. Adrian Peterson could emerge as the NFL's best Running back, but not yet. No question as to why he is number three on my list.


2: Brian Westbrook: Philadelphia Eagles: Brian Westbrook is without question the most versatile back in the NFL. He's unbeatable. The Eagles' offense runs through Westbrook. No defense can seem to figure out how to stop him. He is the reason the Eagles are always a threat to win the very competitive NFC East.

Westbrook has had over 10 total touchdowns and 2,000 total yards in each of the last two seasons. There's no reason why he shouldn't do it again. Brian Westbrook is easily the 2nd best running back in football and number two on my list.


1: Ladainian Tomlinson: San Diego Chargers: He may not have the speed of Adrian Peterson, or the versatility of Brian Westbrook, but you can't argue with the numbers. LaDainian Tomlinson proves year after year why he is the NFL's best Running back.

Over 10,000 rushing yards and 115 rushing Touchdowns before the age of 29 seems almost impossible, but LT has done it. The future Hall of Famer only has one more goal to reach in his illustrious career, win a Superbowl. LaDainian Tomlinson is still the NFL's best RB, no matter what you say about him.