2011 MLB Season Outlook: Bryce Harper And 5 Prospects Who May Have Big Impacts

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIFebruary 3, 2011

2011 MLB Season Outlook: Bryce Harper And 5 Prospects Who May Have Big Impacts

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    Last year we saw many rookies come up and directly affect their respective teams.

    Every year there are top prospects but recently we have seen prospects evolve. In this day and age with computers and cell phones, things spread quickly.

    People all around the world hear about the top prospects now.

    There were hyped prospects in the past, but now it is a whole different ball game. The MLB now airs the MLB Amateur Draft on TV and fans are getting to know more and more about these young players.

    With that said, there are always stand-out prospects. A rookie coming up from the minors can inject new life into some teams.

    Buster Posey most recently did it with the San Fransisco Giants last year—Posey made an immediate impact with the Giants and helped lead them to a World Series title.

    We will see a lot of rookies affect their teams in 2011.

    Here are five prospects who could have a big impact in 2011.

Bryce Harper: Washington Nationals OF

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    Bryce Harper is arguably the most hyped prospect ever. He has hit mammoth 560 foot home runs and dominated every where that he has been.

    Harper is still only 18 years-old so he is still extremely young, and because he is so young some people don't think that he will make it into the MLB for a while. 

    I think he actually might make it to the bigs this season—if he is tearing it up in the minors then I am pretty sure that the Nationals will call him up.

    If Harper makes it into the MLB this season then he has a great chance of making a huge impact on the Nationals. He is a dynamic player and he could be one of the youngest players ever to succeed in the MLB

Desmond Jennings: Tampa Bay Rays OF

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    The Rays have been one of the best drafting teams in the past decade and they've been producing top-notch players for the past couple of years.

    With Carl Crawford leaving Tampa for Boston, Jennings will replace him. Jennings is very similar to Carl Crawford—some people say that he is Carl Crawford with better plate discipline. 

    A lot is expected from this kid and he has the chance to give the Rays hope in the AL East. 

    He will most likely be the Rays' Opening Day left fielder. If he has a full season in the bigs then I think he will win the AL Rookie of The Year. 

    This kid can make Rays fans forget about Carl Crawford and not many people have the potential to do that.

Jeremy Hellickson: Tampa Bay Rays RHP

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    Another Ray, Jeremy Hellickson.

    This kid had a good stint in the MLB last season. He has great stuff and is a strikeout pitcher. He has been in David Price's shadow for a while now but he can become a household name this year.

    He is just another example of the Rays' great farm system—the Rays lose Matt Garza so they just replace him with Jeremy Hellickson. 

    Hellickson should have a full year with the Rays and he has the potential to light the league on fire.

Aroldis Chapman: Cincinnati Reds LHP

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    Aroldis Chapman was targeted by many teams last offseason and the Reds snagged him.

    Chapman was a huge prospect coming out of Cuba and he has some of the best stuff in the entire league. Chapman's blazing fast ball is enough to beat any hitter.

    2011 is going to be a key year for Chapman to show if he has what it takes to be a starting pitcher—he is sometimes called a thrower and not a pitcher.

    If he can learn how to control his stuff and become a smart pitcher then he will soon be one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. 

    If Chapman doesn't pan out as a starter then he will still be a huge part to the 2011 Reds. He can be their future closer, and with the stuff that he has, he will be one of the best. 

    No matter what his role is Chapman should contribute greatly to the 2011 Reds.

Domonic Brown: Philadelphia Phillies OF

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    Dominic Brown has been one of the Phillies' top prospects for a couple years now. Brown had enough talent to play in the MLB the past few years but the Phillies didn't have any room for him.

    Now with Jayson Werth gone, Brown gets the chance to play everyday with the Phillies.

    Brown has the potential to be a phenomenal player. This kid can be a great five-tool player and I won't be surprised if he develops into one of the best outfielders in the league. 

    The sky is the limit for this kid and he is my early pick for NL Rookie of The Year.