Why Chase Daniel is Better Than Tim Tebow

Joey ColemanContributor ISeptember 19, 2008

Now the first thing most people are going to say when they read this title is no one is better than Tim Tebow.  Lets think about this, though.

Three years ago when Chase Daniel started his first full season for Missouri University, how many people even talked about Mizzou?

Now let's go back to when Tim Tebow started out at Florida University, it was already a big college that everyone was talking about thanks to their National Championship appearances and continued great play for years. 

How many people outside of Missouri can honestly name a different receiver on Mizzou other than All-American Jeremy Maclin, or even another offensive player on Mizzou.

Chase Daniel has put up better quarterback stats. I say "quarterback" because I mean passing stats.  Daniel has put up better passing stats than Tebow every year.  He has done this with far less talent on offense. 

Now for the people who say Daniel cannot compete under the pressure and Tebow can.  Many of you last year kept saying, "Well, this is the week Mizzou will finally be put under real pressure," and week after week, Daniel put up great numbers. 

He had one slip up vs. a very good Oklahoma team, where they were in that game until the end.  Tebow has not done anything special for Florida yet since taking over full time from Chris Leak. 

Yes, he has won his fair share of big games vs. big opponents, but so has Chase Daniel.  So all in all, Chase Daniel is a better quarterback than Tim Tebow.