What Is Stopping TNA From Becoming Bigger?

Stephan JohnsonContributor IMay 19, 2016

As you may know, Mick Foley has signed with TNA.  The only question is "How long will he be there?" When he made his Impact! debut, the crowd erupted with cheers for the living hardcore legend. They were excited to see probably the biggest name to hit the TNA roster since Hulk Hogan.

Over the past several months, I have noticed that more and more ex-WWE superstars are going to the TNA roster.  Their latest big names to make an impact on the company have one time or another worked for WWE. Most of those were very recently employed with TNA.

After seeing Mick Foley enter the Impact Zone, I pondered the question "Why would he risk his chance of being taken out of the WWE Hall of Fame for this?" Suddenly it hit me like a ton of rocks. Mick Foley does it because he loves wrestling. Most of the TNA superstars have extremely flexible schedules, considering most of them wrestle in indy promotions for a little extra cash.

As I lay on the couch watching the final moments of Impact, I then questioned "What is stopping TNA from becoming a larger company?" I then thought about the TNA company compared to the WWE. TNA only has one show. WWE has three big shows a week. TNA has far too many superstars to fit on one show without having a battle royal every week.

Although TNA has a few big names within their residence, they haven't got as much pull with Network Television as World Wrestling Entertainment. They are trying to compete with a company that has been around and out-lasted NWA. Although I would have to say, TNA would have to sign a few more big names and take a chance of letting some of the undeveloped talent go.

Allow me to conclude this article by saying that TNA has too many people on its roster and not enough television time to keep a constant payroll. This means that alot of their superstars are unsatisfied with not being paid on a weekly basis because they don't receive enough television time.