Tim Jernigan National Signing Day: What the 5-Star DT Means for Florida State

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2011

Tim Jernigan National Signing Day: What the 5-Star DT Means for Florida State

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    National Signing day is here and Tim Jernigan the 5-star recruit from Florida has made his decision to attend Florida State. Jernigan will be a great fit for the Florida State Seminoles. 

    The Seminoles will really benefit from the big mans presence in the coming year.

    With all of that being said, here is a breakdown of Jernigan and what to expect from him. 

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Basic Information

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    Hometown: Lake City Florida

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 275 pounds

    High School: Columbia High School

Recruiting Grades

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    ESPN Overall Rank: 17 

    Rivals Overall Rank: 29

    ESPN Position Rank: 2

    Rivals Position Rank: 2

    Rivals State Rank: 9

Schools Considered

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    Florida State





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    Jernigan is not a huge defensive lineman and is quite undersized to today's standards, but the defensive linemen are getting smaller and more athletic.  

    For Jernigan, it is not a problem for him to get to the quarterback, as he is a very athletic player.

    Jernigan is that hybrid-type player that looks more like a big linebacker than a defensive tackle, but he makes up for his lack of size by being quick and agile.

    Jernigan will cause problems for opposing teams, as he will be able to get off the ball quickly and use his twinkle toes to leave offensive linemen in the dust.  Look for Jernigan to fit right into Florida State's defensive scheme and really cause some havoc.

What It Means For Florida State

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    Florida State will be blessed to have Tim Jernigan.  They add him to one of the best recruiting classes in the nation, and he will make an impact.

    The smaller lineman who makes his money by being quick will just cause problems for offensive linemen across the nation.

    Jernigan will be bale to play in almost any scheme and will be a great addition for the defense.

    His quickness and ability to get up the field will allow the linebackers to really have a field day and they will really benefit from what virtually is another linebacker up front.

    Florida State really got a great player in Jernigan, and he will be a star.