NFL Week 3 Picks

Eric QuackenbushSenior Analyst ISeptember 19, 2008

Well week two of the NFL regular season is in the books.

There were many blunders and a lot of official calls that left some of us scratching our heads; case in point, the photo heading this article of Ed Hochuli... Well, that's for another story.

My record is looking absolutely horrible! I thought I had a good handle on week two's picks, and yet again there were some surprise endings to tarnish my record to an even lower low. As it stands my record is a pathetic 5-10 for week two, and I don't have any picks for week one, so I am going to chalk those as losses unless anyone has any better ideas? So my season-long record thus far is an eye-popping 5-26, omitting the game of Ravens vs Texans as that game is postponed, but I will keep that pick the same when that game is played in week 10.

So without further ado, I give you my picks for week three:

-I will take the Giants to cage the Bengals, and to win by at least 14 points.

-Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and the Falcons should easily handle the Chiefs with a win of six points or better.

-I'm telling you Buffalo is a team to watch out for. They will hurt any team who doesn't bring their "A" game, and I see the Raiders falling victim to the Bills next. Bills by 10.

-The Titans are having a good season so far and enjoying being 2-0. Kerry Collins, the former QB of seemingly just about every team; most notably the Panthers and NY Giants, is at the helm once again--this time in Tennessee. I take the Titans to topple the Texans, winning by seven.

-The Redskins are going to have to do a lot better than this if they want to remain competitive in the very strong NFC East. They showed some speed and toughness last Sunday with a close win over the Saints. I will go with the Redskins this time around to pluck the Cardinals by seven or less.

-New England is... Undefeated? Let me look at their record again--yeah, sure enough the New England Patriots are 2-0! I know it's only the beginning of the season, but they have a few questions to answer this year like, is Matt Cassel the next Brady? Will the defense hold up for an entire season?... Are the Pats contenders?.. I'm very interested to see how those questions are answered throughout this season.

I do think New England is big and tough enough to beat the 0-2 Miami Dolphins by 10 points or more.

-Tampa Bay is hanging in there again this season, now with Garcia having been taken from the starting lineup and Brian Griese dropped in the starting slot, one of two obvious things will happen: Brian Griese will be a big reason the Bucs go deep into the playoffs, or we will see a lot of funny faces from Gruden while he wonders why his QB is throwing so many incompletions and interceptions. I don't think Griese is the man for this team's job, and I see the Bears mauling Tampa by 3 points or more.

-On Sunday there is one game I won't be too particularly interested in other than to find out who picks up their first win of the season, and who stays at the bottom of the heap. I won't see the Rams climb out of their hole, but I do see the Seahawks soaring over the Rams and winning by seven or better.

-The poor Lions are having a rough start to what looks like will be a long season for them. The 49ers are looking a little better under JT O'Sullivan, and i see the 'Niners undermining the Lions and settling on 3 points or more.

-Denver looks amazing, and they looked amazing Sunday night (especially with Ed Hochuli's boneheaded inadvertent whistle blow)! Jay Cutler is playing a lot better and with a lot more confidence this year. I also like the Tightend the Broncos employ, so I will take the Broncos to buck the Saints by seven.

-Philadelphia played Dallas to the end, and neither team was really left behind until the Eagles flew back to Philly and left the Cowboys in Dallas. Okay, that was a random statement.

The Eagles play host to the Steelers in this storied inner-state battle of green vs black and yellow. I will "go green" in this battle for bragging rights, and take the Eagles knocking over the Steelers by 3.

-Colts/Jags... Hmmm. Well, Peyton is supposed to be getting Saturday back by Sunday, but the colts are without Corner Bob Sanders. Jacksonville played a tight game to Buffalo, but the Colts have got to break free of this funk they're in. I take the Colts to beat the Jags by 4.

-The Ravens are looking mighty convincing with rookie Joe Flacco at quarterback, and I bet they look even more convincing after they beat the Browns by 7 on Sunday.

-The Dallas Cowboys go to Titletown to take on the Green Bay Rodgers--I mean Packers! Both teams look amazing!

Dallas has a nice running attack with Marion Barber, and a sweet return runner in Felix Jones. Throw TO, Romo, Witten, Pacman, and Tank into the mix and you have the workings of another amazing Monday night matchup.

Green Bay has a surprisingly solid man at quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay is a team with a young and speedy defense, and with Driver, Jennings, Grant, Jackson, and Rodgers on offense Green Bay should show an impressive aerial assault with a solid ground attack being shared between Grant and Jackson.

This is a tough one to call, and I am not on the Dallas bandwagon at all this year--in fact I'm never on the Dallas bandwagon so I am going to pick spoiler in this Sunday night showdown, and pick the Pack to win by 3.

-The Carolina Panthers are supposed to be 0-2... The Carolina Panthers are 2-0!!! This week, after serving his two-game suspension Steve Smith returns to action as the Cats travel up to Minnesota to take on the Tarvaris Jackson-less Vikings. Will the Vikings also be minus one Adrian Peterson this weekend? We won't know until gametime, so watch out because if the Vikings play Peterson, then the Panthers will only win by 7. If they don't, then the Earth may be tilted off its axis because I can't imagine Adrian not playing Sunday in what should be a shootout. Panthers by 7.

Monday Night

-The New York Bretts, er--Jets, are facing a huge challenge in the San Diego Chargers, who were a victim of an officiating error, not to mention because of that error they are still winless!

No way are the Jets going to pull off a win against a VERY cheated Chargers team. I take the Chargers to blow the Jets out by a margin of 21 points or better.

*Not for nothing, but don't you think flex scheduling should kick in this early in the season? I was so worked up about the Dallas/Packers game that I forgot it was on Sunday night, not Monday night! What was the league thinking pitting the Chargers against the Jets on a Monday night game anyway?.. We the fans will yet again scratch our heads and wonder...

If you think you can outpick me please do so in the comments section!

Check back next week for my picks and analysis!