Marvin Lewis "I Like Where We Are"

Zane DanielsCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2008

I cannot believe what I just read on the official website of the Cincinnati Bengals, Marvin Lewis told told the media after Friday's morning practice that "I don't like being 0-2, but I like where we are."

Read that again, this time really let those words soak in...

"I don't like being 0-2, but I like where we are"

Seriously Marvin? You are happy with where you are right now as a football team? Are you kidding me? Your offensive is playing TERRIBLE and you very easily could have lost two of the easiest games on the schedule and you are happy with where this team is?

I am sick and tired of hearing the same things come out of Marvin's mouth year after year. "We have to play better, coach better and be more consistent" seem to be the only phrases that come out of that man's mouth. Okay Marvin, you are going into your sixth season as head coach, when exactly are we going to get some results? When are you going to actually start getting your players to play better? When are you actually going to start coaching better? When are we going to start seeing more consistency from this team?

I have supported Marvin Lewis since he was hired, but the more I hear the more I truly believe that he has taken this team about as far as he can. Is Marvin Lewis just incompetent?