Gavin Campbell Jr.Contributor ISeptember 19, 2008

With the close of the 2008 Beijing games a distant memory not only were we treated to the fanfare but we were also privileged to see two events eliminated from the 2012 summer games in London.

Baseball and it's counter part softball, has gone the way of a tug-of-war yeah tug-of-war was an Olympic sport  the last gold medal in the hallowed sport of baseball was won by Korea 3-2 over baseball power-house Cuba.  It was the first and maybe only gold medal won by a nation other than Cuba or the U.S in Olympic baseball since it's 1992 inclusion to the games.  That's because IOC president Jacques Rogge, has decided to eliminate the sport from the games due to the lack of major league talent.  Korea, a nation not really considered among the favorites like the U.S, Cuba, and Japan, swept through the 2008 Beijing baseball fields like wildfire they defeated every opponent they faced including Cuba and Japan not just once but twice.  So here's what I would propose:  once every four years the MLB should take a two week hiatus in order to allow all the dice k's and A'rods of the baseball world to play for there country and the gold medal.  It would be an interruption to the regular season, but then again the baseball nation would turn there eyes to the international stage.  We would all be watching with the same joy and imagination that went into the first dream team.


So all I'm trying to say is there are other sports out there that really don't belong in the olympics and to me Baseball is not one of those sports.