College Football: The BCS By Another Name Would Still Stink

Del KerbyContributor IFebruary 1, 2011

College Football: The BCS By Another Name Would Still Stink

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    We love our college football.  We love our favorite teams and defend them as if they were are children.  The names that get thrown around when fans attack opposing teams can be vicious.

    Names that describe how we feel.  Names like "big-boy conference" that represents the automatic qualifying conferences. 

    Even then, there's dispute among these fans as many feel the ACC and Big East lack the caliber of teams to be an automatic qualifier.

    Names like "little sisters of the poor" to describe the mid-major programs.  Deriding the 54 programs that also provide a base for the NCAA FBS.  To most AQ fans, these teams don't even deserve to carry their water.

    But then there's the BCS.  What names are fans thinking of for the BCS?  As Shakespeare said, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet", but this is not the case with the BCS.

Bowl Challenge Series

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    Pinstripe BowlChris McGrath/Getty Images

    I know that officially there are only five BCS bowls.  But the bowl season has 35 bowls in all. 

    Obviously the bowl system is extremely challenged to fill all 35 bowls.  How many 6-6 teams with losing records in conference deserve to go to a bowl game, or even 7-5 for that matter?  Teams like Tennessee and Michigan.

    Well, they have to get them from somewhere.  So it appears the bottom feeders in the AQ conferences get to play even though they didn't earn it.

    Yep, most folks will agree here.  There are just too many bowl games.

Bowl Chump Series

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    Bama playing chump San Jose State Univ.

    This name represents the 54 mid-major programs that will never have a chance to play for the BCS Championship. 

    The chumps of the FBS as they are seen by the AQ fans.

    But for the past five out of six years there has been a mid-major crack into one of the big money bowl games.

    Funny, how that worked out though for the mid-major teams.  In 3 of the 4 games where the non-AQ program was matched against an AQ team, the "little sisters" won. 

    How that must eat at the AQ folks.

Bowl Cash Series

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    AQ's are singing, "We're in the money!!!!"

    The BCS is about all about making money.  Yep for the AQ conferences, it's like going to the local ATM and drawing out money.  Their own cash-machine or printing press if you will.

    I think that pretty much says it all.

Bully Crybaby Series

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    TCU knocking off WisconsinStephen Dunn/Getty Images

    Now this is a tough one for me.  This name seems appropriate due to how some AQ fans react to any press regarding the mid-major programs.

    When ESPN and sports writers around the country talk about the worthiness of any mid-major team, the bullys start coming out of the woodwork.  The ones that come unglued at the mere mention of a TCU or a Boise State.

    But there's the other side of the coin as well, and it is just as true.  The hardcore crybaby fans of the mid-major teams feeling that they are being left out of the discussion. 

    That their teams are worthy and should get a shot, even though the teams play in the "little sisters" conferences.

    Oh well, the war rages on between these two groups.

Big Crapola Series

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    Eww that smell, that smell of the BCS.

    This is my favorite, because it is the most fitting.  More and more college football fans are growing tired of the BCS and its inequities.

    Tired of the difference between the haves and have-nots of the BCS system. 

    Tired of the lack of a playoff system that would truly crown a National Champion as in every other college sport.

    Tired of the regurgitated reasons and excuses for why there isn't a playoff system.

    They're just plain TIRED of the fetid smell.  The smell of the smoldering pile of dung the BCS is becoming.