Mr. Kennedy Release Rumors?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 19, 2008

According to sources at Wrestling they are aware of the Mr. Kennedy release rumors and looked into it this is what they had to say:

"Other sites have speculated that Mr. Kennedy may be at risk of losing his job when it comes to renew his contract shortly. That is not going to happen and as I previously reported he may have to take a wage decrease or a smaller guaranteed income, but they will not release him outright. WWE are weary of his injury proneness but can still make money out of him."

Now I agree with them myself, I mean Kennedy is a big draw when he is around and it's a shame that he is out with an injury, but when someone is out with an injury, release rumors do happen because they are off TV for so long.

I did report that Kennedy might be released about a week ago myself so I know that it is a big story and I'm glad they put it to rest. I think that when Kennedy does come back that they will give him a nice push toward the US Title.

Since MVP and Shelton Benjamin are heels there is no way that they would let them go at it for the title without another fce at least involved. Its not a wonder that the US Title hasn't been defended by Benjamin, there is no face competition for it.

When Kennedy comes back in about to two months maybe at the least, I know he will have a shot for it. Unless they turn MVP face before then.  So now you know the truth behind the rumor. Tell me what you think.