Maybe It's More Than Injuries Hurting Raw

shawn cheginiContributor ISeptember 19, 2008

Alright guys this is my first article ever but I feel like this is the topic I need to talk about. Yeah, your probably thinking, "Dude, everyone's already talked about this," and to that I say, "And?" Raw has been declining and most people are blaming the state of Raw on their injuries.

I think there's more missing than just some top guys injured. The obvious and most stated theory is that Raw is declining due to injures. Raw has lost Randy Orton and John Cena, their top face and top heel, to injuries. John Cena, like him or not, is the WWE's top draw.

People are either dissapointed because they cant see there Chain Gang Leader or because they cant chant Same Old Sh.t. Either way, you miss the WWE's poster child. I dont like Cena's dominating nature myself, but you have to understand what he brings to the table.

Any hardcore fan will tell you New York and Philedelphia have the toughest fans to get you over, and when Cena's surprise return came at the Royal Rumble earlier this year MSG went nuts. Randy Orton is just phenominal. He sells a move better than anyone else in the WWE today.

He has it all, hes good with the mic, great in the ring, tall and muscular, and can make the fans love him or hate him at his will. There's not enough to be said about how much Raw misses the Age of Orton. WWE has lost guys before, so why does this time make it different?

Raw had just started to push CM Punk when Orton and Cena went out. CM Punk is a great wrestler and his getting better and better on the mic everyday, but he just doesnt command the star power that the other to do. Its not his fault, WWE is pushing him and he is delivering on there push, but to get a main event face pop, its gonna take sometime.

I'm just glad Vince isnt in a hurry to get him over and shove him down our throats like he did with Bobby Lashley. Batista is the Raw's top face right now and the poor guy couldnt sell a move if he wanted to.

He has everything going for him, look, mic work, etc. He can even do that intimidating smirk that I can only remember seeing on Goldberg. Calm down, yeah Goldberg was way more intimidating, im just saying, the smirk is good.He just cant sell a move if his life depended on it.

Everything looks rough and robotic to me. The top Heel on Raw right now is Chris Jericho, the only Bright shining star In the WWE today. Jericho's heel turn has made this Jericho better than any Jericho we have seen yet. When Orton comes back, I really dont know who will be the top Heel. See the problem now though is second to amazing Jericho, is JBL.

And Now I dont like JBL anymore. Since returning to Raw from commentating, JBL has developed a new character I just dont care for. He is flabbier than I remember and has actually, gotten worse in the ring over time which is weird cause most people get better. Santino Marella is good for a bit of comic relief, but does not get very much tv time and doesnt give us a whole lot of laughter.

The difference is before when a guy went down, there was someone right behind him who could fill his shoes. When Stone Cold went down The Rock was there and vice versa. When Benoit got hurt a couple years ago Shelton stepped in and had an entertaining minifeud with Triple H.

When Orton had a whole bunch of heat around him, Kennedy got the ok and stepped in. But now when someone gets hurt there's no one behind him. The only exception is Jericho, but they had to turn him heel. WWE doesnt have a hierarchy of heels and faces like they used to.

Younger guys cant get over like they used to because the older guys now are wanting to hold on to the spot light. Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair were the only two top veterans that had no problem losing. HBK however, seems to have to really believe you're gonna be a star to lose to you nowdays.

This next part doesnt have to do with Raw, but it makes me a little upset.

Triple H and Undertaker on the other hand wont lose to anyone. Instead of helping a guy like Shelton or Jeff over there on SD they have Triple H, the 11,000 time champion still holding the belt. At this point in Triple H's career they should have him putting guys over, not pushing them down the ladder again.  Jeff might win this time, but honestly, I doubt it.