What to Do While You Drink

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst ISeptember 18, 2008

Assuming you have power and some remaining appetite for college football, here is a brief breakdown of the action on the tellie this weekend. I will watch these games because I vote in the Blog Poll, I am a college football junkie, and to keep my mind off last weekend.


West Virginia v. Colorado (+3) [ESPN 8:30pm]: Thursday night games tend to be exciting for some reason or at least my brain is telling me that. The Mountaineers did a swan dive right out of my poll after the stomp job courtesy of ECU. I do not expect to see much improvement tonight. I want to see Darrell Scott play. He has not done much so far, but he was generally considered the top RB in the nation and it will make a nice comparison to what we may see on Saturday in the Horseshoe with the top-rated QB.


Excuse me while I go on a rant here. This weekend is a perfect example of the networks ruining an otherwise good schedule. Why is Wake Forest/Florida State on at 7:00pm? There is no reason that game cannot be played at noon. More people would watch, too. The state of Florida is going to be watching FL/UT at 3:30 and LSU/AUB at 8:00pm. FSU will only get their diehards instead of fans that simply enjoy quality games.

Have you seen the other noon games? It is embarrassing. Obviously, I will be watching the Buckeyes, but I would definitely be flipping to it during the commercials if it were a noon start. Now it will be third on the evening depth chart and only get curious look-ins during commercials. Okay, rant over.

Florida (-7.5) v. Tennessee [CBS 3:30pm]: This is your main game on Saturday afternoon. I simultaneously want to see a good game and Tennessee blown out. Because I will be vegging out this Saturday after the Ohio State game, I want to be entertained. But I hate Tennessee and want to see them embarrassed at every opportunity. The Clawyoureyesout offense has been spectacularly average and UT does not seem equipped to take advantage of Florida's crappy secondary. Arian Foster has been killing it, though. If UCLA's 8th-string QB had a field day against the Vols, what do you think the chances are that the Gators stay under 35 points?

Virginia Tech v. North Carolina (+3) [ABC 3:30pm]: This is quality and intriguing flip-game. I thought UNC looked good against Rutgers. Of course, the Knights could be terrible, but I just think this is the end of Beamer's run. VT has sported a top 15 team every once in a while, but the serious contenders are gone from Blacksburg. Also, there has to be at least one decent story out of the ACC. Wake is old news, Miami is still struggling, most people dislike FSU so the Heels are the natural choice.

Notre Dame v. Michigan State (-9) [ABC 3:30pm]: I doubt I will watch one play of this game. As you can see from my review on Varsity Blue, I was pretty shocked at Notre Dame’s performance last weekend. I would be surprised if ND was able to string together two decent, overly opportunistic outings in a row. If nothing else, I hope the Spartans beat them for the league’s sake.

You may also consider Miami/Texas A&M if you have some weird family allegiance or are curious if either team will score.

LSU (-2.5) v. Auburn [ESPN 7:45pm]: This is the main event on Saturday even though it is not on ABC. Yesterday, I read a preview of this game that gave the coaching edge to Auburn. Really? One guy just won a MNC and the other guy just scored 3 points. A little help here? Auburn is the Wisconsin of the SEC. Always good, never great. Plus, it helps the comparison that they seem to play Wisky every season in a bowl game.

Georgia v. Arizona State (+7) [ABC 8:00pm]: This starts out as my flip-game but could quickly be relegated to third if ASU lays an egg. My gut tells me that either Arizona State wins this game or they fall behind 21-0 in the first quarter and get killed. Georgia could use a big win to get back into the BCS discussion with USC and OU, and they could use it to serve notice on some league opponents. Did you know this is the first time in 50 years that Georgia has crossed the Mississippi to play a regular season game? Can that possibly be right?

Wake Forest v. Florida State (-4) [ESPN2 7:00pm]: You can watch the first hour of this one but any further viewing depends totally on the circumstances in the above two. Florida State did an interesting thing before the season started; they benched an overrated, veteran pocket passer who had done nothing beyond the norm. Hmmmmmmmm. I only know what I have read about FSU as the television networks seem to have an embargo regarding their games and highlights. They could have changed colors and I would have no idea.