Beanie Out; Now What

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Beanie Out; Now What
With the announcement that Wells will miss his third consecutive game, I began thinking, “What are the chances Beanie does not return this season and takes a redshirt year?” I am not being alarmist. I am just wondering aloud.

Wells is obviously more hurt than I originally surmised and I have still never heard his injury described with any conviction. What is more confusing is that he constantly seems on the brink of returning without ever doing so.

Questionable. Probably. Questionable. Out.

I am not advocating a redshirt season and I am certainly not suggesting that Tressel has thrown in the towel on this season and/or has started preparing for next year. I am sure he wants to win a third consecutive outright Big Ten title, but he knows the MNC is out the window.

What if Beanie cannot come back until the Penn State game and the Buckeyes have already lost a conference match-up? And, what if he is still not full strength? Should he rest Beanie the entire year instead of playing him for six games and risking further injury? Or, would redshirting Wells be redundant because he would have to come back for his senior year anyway after missing so much time? Would Tressel really expect Wells to stay for his redshirt senior season?

I only bring this up because it was on my mind this afternoon. Personally, I would like to see Beanie back as soon as possible. What do you think?

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