Manny’s disrepect ‘unfathomable,’ says Schilling

Evan BrunellFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2008

During an interview on WEEI’s “The Big Show” Curt Schilling blasted Manny Ramirez, saying his “level of disrepect to the teammates and people was unfathomable.” Schill also took the opportunity to express his frustration of being hurt, saying “I’ve been the biggest waste of space, I’ve been robbing payroll for the entire season, no one feels worse about not contributing than me.”

Schilling comments were delivered to Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni, and Brian Daubach. Merloni told of a current Sox player, who when asked what it was like those last few days of Manny being Manny, said only two words, “Carl Everett.” Even the strongest supporters of Manny Ramirez, many of whom claim Theo could have repaired the relationship instead of ending it, should get chills down their back recalling the Everett Era.