Monthly Madness: Genesis Versus Royal Rumble

Charlie GSenior Writer IJanuary 31, 2011

Welcome to the first edition of Monthly Madness! I will give you matches and results from TNA and WWE monthly Pay-Per-Views and you fans will choose which PPV is better.

Let’s get started!

First up is Genesis, held on January 9th in The iMPACT Zone in Orlando Florida. Genesis was what looked like to be, the rise of Immortal. Here is the TNA Genesis card:

Kazarian vs. (c) Jay Lethal—X-Division title match: Winner—Kazarian

(c) Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James—Knockout title match: Winner—Madison Rayne

Beer Money vs. (c) Motorcity Machineguns—TNA Tag title match: Winner—Beer Money

Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon—Winner—Bully Ray by DQ

Abyss vs. (c) Douglas Williams—TV title match: Winner—Abyss

Mystery opponent vs. RVD —Mystery opponent is Matt Hardy: Winner—Matt Hardy

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle—Double J Double M A “Exhibition” : Ended in no contest

Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson—# one Contender match: Winner—Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson vs. (c) Jeff Hardy—TNA World title match: Winner—Mr. Anderson

Genesis is battling against the WWE January classic, Royal Rumble. Royal Rumble was held January 30th in the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. A lot was expected from the Royal Rumble and there were some exciting parts. Here is the card and results:

(c) Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler—World Heavyweight title match: Winner—Edge

(c) The Miz vs. Randy Orton—WWE title match: Winner—The Miz

(c) Natalya vs. Layla vs. Michelle McCool vs. Eve—Four way Divas title match: Winner—Eve

40 Man Royal Rumble Match—Winner—Alberto Del Rio


Both Pay-Per-Views had good points and bad points. Genesis had a surprise main event, where we witnessed Mr. Anderson win the TNA World title, the debut of Matt Hardy, and mostly new champions.

The cons of Genesis were the surprise main event, debut of Matt Hardy, Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon, and the absence of AJ Styles.

I mentioned the surprise main event, Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy, and the debut of Matt Hardy as pros and cons because had fans known there would be a World title match might have helped buy rates. Also the debut of Matt can be good or bad on TNA, depending how they use him.

Royal Rumble brought the fans back Booker T and Kevin Nash (or Diesel) to WWE programming. The downside was how they participated in the Rumble itself. What did Booker do? A kick, Bookend, and a spinarooni? Nash came and gone, and during his tenure got a 619. It was good seeing both of those guys, but I wish I’ve seen more of them.

Morrison had the spiderman skills in the Rumble but was eliminated far too early in my opinion. He should have been right there with Cena, Orton, Barrett, and Del Rio.

Another question. Why was the Nexus booked to eliminate so many guys just to all be tossed out by John Cena? Why was Hornswoggle in the Rumble? Santino was the final elimination?

I was anticipating the returns of Triple H, Evan Bourne, Christian, The Undertaker, and Skip Sheffield, and the debut of Kong. Next year I’ll know not to get my hopes up.

Sorry, but the Royal Rumble was a joke and a disappointment this year. But the Royal Rumble did satisfy me a little bit. The Miz retained, but not cleanly as I hoped. A new guy won the Rumble.

This years Royal Rumble wasn’t as good as I expected. That’s why I’m voting Genesis for this Monthly Madness Pay-Per-View of the month.

What do you Bleachers think? Be sure to cast your votes!