The Bullpen Woes and The Offensive Solution

Christopher TricaricoContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

The New York Mets bullpen has been a thorn in the New York Mets side for this entire season.  Tied for the most blown saves in all of baseball, the Mets bullpen has lost all credibility.  Someone needs to step up and take matters into their own hands.  Brian Stokes did a great job for quite a few games but that magic seems to have vanished.  At this point, Jerry Manuel, the Mets interim manager, has no set roles for the relievers.  In fact, he joked on Wednesday evening about his starting pitcher, Johan Santana, about going 9 innings and 170 pitches.  The truth is that Jerry is at a loss and so are the Mets.  Thursday evening was very successful for the Mets yet fans were still given ulcers by their favorite baseball team.  The eighth and ninth innings for the Mets have been nightmares for Mets fans ever since 2006.  For so long, the Mets have dealt with the likes of Jorge Sosa, Guillermo Mota, and Aaron Heilman.  When will the Mets, and their fans, no longer have to deal with these 'scrubs', these men who have no place being in the major leagues.  What is the solution?


Men like Daniel Murphy, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Johan Santana, Carlos Beltran, Jonathan Neise, and for the short-term, Carlos Delgado.  These men have stepped up and given the New York Mets a chance to be in the position they are in right now.  This is a 25-man roster with extra players since the September call-up and yes, players since that call-up have given the Mets an enormous boost including Mr. Neise, Ricardo Rincon, Brandon Knight, and Argenis Reyes.  This Mets team is carried by their offence and the outstanding starting pitching that has been going on.  Carlos Beltran is having a torrid September with over a .350 average, Jose Reyes has been proving that he can play in September, and Johan Santana is living up to and beyond the hype that was bestowed upon him when he came to Queens.  This Mets team can only survive this September and October if the offense keeps producing and the starting pitching keeps doing the dirty work.  If that doesn't work out, you can rely on many more circus acts from the Mets bullpen as Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoenweis drive the clown car packed with the other relievers to the mound in a critical spot. 

Until the Mets relievers realive how good they can be and that they are playing for a New York Mets team that CAN win a division, the Mets can only hope that the Brewers and Astros keep losing or that their offense and starting pitching can make great things happen against their opponents.