The Miz Wins Again in a Disappointing WWE Royal Rumble PPV

Ura PendejoContributor IJanuary 31, 2011

2011 Royal Rumble
2011 Royal Rumble

The event started off really nicely with the World Heavyweight Championship matchup between Edge the champion and Dolph Ziggler, who was accompanied to the ring by the acting SmackDown general manager and Dolph’s girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero.

The match was one of the few bright spots of the night, if not the brightest. Edge gave one of his best performances of late and that really helped the match a lot. Ziggler turned in another big time performance, which really wasn’t that surprising because Ziggler is destined for greatness in the WWE. The end of the match was pretty cleverly worked out, which added to the already great match.

In the second contest, Randy Orton challenged The Miz for the WWE Championship. Is it just me or is Orton just plain boring to watch? I would blame it on facing The Miz, but the fact is this: No matter who Orton is facing, I end up dozing off before the match comes to an end.

The Miz gets another cheap and tainted victory. Is anyone else tired of hearing Michael Cole talk about how great The Miz is? I could hardly stand to listen to Cole before, but now he’s even more annoying. I didn’t think that was possible.

How did a Divas match get to be so far up the card? I don’t really know, but I am glad they changed it from two on one into a Fatal four-way match. It was hard enough to watch it, so thanks for making it more interesting at least. Am I the only one who didn’t really care about this match? Did anyone really care that Eve won her second Divas Championship? Anyways, I’ll move on.

Then The Royal Rumble match final was upon us. The match started out in a very bad way. It was like watching Raw all over again, when The Corre jumped CM Punk before the match even began. Then the rest of Nexus came down to defend him. Oh wait, isn’t this the Royal Rumble match? Why have a fourth of the people in the match come out in the beginning? What happen to the rules of the Rumble?

After all that nonsense cleared up, the match started to look interesting. CM Punk started off against Daniel Bryan. This is a dream matchup for many of the IWC. Then here comes No. 3, even better Justin Gabriel, another guy that is in the same category of wrestling skills. What a three-way match that would be, huh?

The match was steady and pretty decent up until the point where the No. 9 competitor entered the ring. After that, it was back to the same ole gang tactics: CM Punk and Nexus destroying everyone and eliminating them.

Out of all the people who could make a big return at the Royal Rumble, who does? The Great Khali?  Booker T, who did look better than expected, and Diesel. Booker and Diesel got some big reactions, but really didn’t do much, which was expected.

Wow, that’s great WWE. Moving on to more of the same was John Cena hitting the ring and eliminating all the remaining member of Nexus. This was after Nexus dominated everyone for the past 10 or 15 minutes.

Then to top it all off, Hornswoggle stepped into the Rumble. Not only was he in the match, but he was there for longer than half the other competitors. Way to make this thing realistic, thanks.

Then it came down to just four, well, five counting Santino laying out on the floor. Out of who was left, I’m glad Alberto Del Rio won. A lot of people are down on Del Rio winning the Rumble, but it was much better than having Cena or Orton win it, in my opinion.

I’d like to see Orton take the WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber. Then we could see Randy Orton vs. CM Punk at WrestleMania along with Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio, John Cena vs. The Miz, Wade Barrett vs. The Undertaker and Diesel vs. Big Show. It will be hard for both champions to hold on to their titles until WrestleMania. Surviving as champ in the Elimination Chamber has been hard for the best champions.