The New Hockey Season Is About to Start.

Robi JackContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

The hockey camps are starting all over North America & Canada. The excitement is building with each passing day. The announcements of new players being signed. The starting goalies being announced. The season is that much closer to starting.

I sit and ponder the excitement of watching my favorite NHL teams as they do battle on the ice. The goalies doing all they can to keep the snipers out of their nets. They use all of their arsenal to keep their team in the game. The blockers , gloves and sticks becoming an extensions of their hands & arms. The sliding blocks across the crease that become the splits or butterfly. Kick saves that require precise timing.

The players who practice the shots on net who are like snipers at the shooting range. Each shot trying to find it's target before it can be blocked or covered.

I look forward to not only the NHL games but the Central Hockey League team in my city that starts camp soon. That means local warriors & hero's will be gearing up , lacing up their skates as they prepare to hit the ice to do battle.

For the fans it's the smell of the ice. The chance to watch their new & old favorites do  battle  . It's being with the hockey family that mean so much to us.

The local fans are already talking about tailgate and after game parties. A chance to talk to their heroes and sing their praises. It is a chance to pat them on the back and tell them what a great game they had.

So here is to another hockey season and all the fun & excitement that comes from each and every game.