Kansas State Rumors: Players Leaving Hoops Program Due To Lack of Hot Pockets

That Big 12 GuyContributor IApril 9, 2017

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

As first reported here at Bleacher Report, Kansas State basketball players have been dropping left and right due to a severe difference of philosophy regarding the usage of delicious hot pockets during workouts.

One player who wished to not be mentioned by name said "Look man, it's one thing to work us like this but to take away Hot Pockets, man that's just some messed up stuff. I'm gone when this is over."

When word first broke from the always reliable and totally sane Wabash Station one player who wished to not be named moved home to his native South American country due to solely to the notion that hot pockets would no longer be served during practice.

When Bleacher Report reached out to the makers of Hot Pockets they had no comment.

More on this developing story to come here at Bleacher Report.