WWE: 5 Best Men on the Mic

Joe SchmoContributor IIIJanuary 31, 2011

WWE: 5 Best Men on the Mic

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    My last list brought about a lot of feedback, mostly from people who defended Edge (not surprising) or Kofi (surprising). 

    This list is going to encompass the top five men with the mic.  There aren’t necessarily more men in the WWE that are good on the mic than bad, but, luckily for us, the WWE only really allows those who can handle themselves on the mic to have some time to express themselves.  Without further ado, my top five mic workers in the WWE.

Honorable Mention: Alex Riley

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    This guy is great on the mic, but Miz is usually the one talking when he’s on the screen.  Nevertheless, he definitely adds to Miz’s promo and has played his character to perfection.

5. Wade Barrett

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    Barrett’s promos generally aren’t masterfully written but his delivery is great.  He really comes across as a brute bare-knuckle boxer.  He seems like a bully and his promos always further your opinion of his character, good or bad.  We all know about his “wind” promo on NXT but Barrett has continuously delivered great promos on RAW and will definitely bring a spark to Smackdown. It will be fun watching him go head-to-head with CM Punk in the near future.

4. Alberto Del Rio

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    What can I say; I love Del Rio. 

    His mannerisms are great and his mic work seems to just flow out of his character.  Many wrestlers try to pull off the “you should feel privileged that I am here” attitude but Del Rio does it better than anyone.  He seems like he really enjoys himself and really believes everyone enjoys him as well.  His character is great on its own but his ring announcer and expensive cars add to an already incredibly charismatic character.

3. John Cena

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    Love him or hate him you have to admit one thing: John Cena can work the mic. 

    Whether it’s his thug gimmick or his new “hustle, loyalty, and respect” persona, he delivers his promos with sincerity and great timing.  He is definitely comfortable when in the spotlight (which he always is).  Where most superstars who are average on the mic get outshone when in the ring with the guys on this list, Cena proves he deserves to go face-to-face with them and steals spots of his own.

2. Santino

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    Simply brilliant.  He deserves to be in the discussion as the best.  Whether you enjoy his comedy gimmick or think it's annoying, you have to admit he shines on the mic.  He is incredibly comfortable on the mic and is one of the very, very few parts of RAW that actually make me laugh.  Another guy who plays his character flawlessly.  When he called Sheamus “Sha-moose” it was just brilliant.


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    Only one spot left?  How could I leave off X, Y or Z? 

    Let me explain.  Notice that there are three slides left, which means there are three wrestlers tied at No. 1.  I thought about it for a long time and could not come up with a reason why one would be above the next.  Each of the next three guys display the timing, sincerity and overall promo ability to create must-see wrestling.  Since I couldn’t chose which one is better, I just listed them in order of which wrestler I personally like more.

1. CM Punk

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    Charismatic.  Brilliant.  Heated.  These words describe CM Punk’s promos perfectly.  The man made three very uninteresting wrestlers interesting all by himself while in the Straight Edge Society.  His commentary on RAW started off brilliantly, but, in my opinion, became sort of over the top once Punk realized how entertaining he was and began saying literally everything that came to his mind.  Nevertheless, he still dominates in his promos and can go back-and-forth with anyone in the business.

1. MIZ

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    Miz can draw heat better than almost anyone in the WWE.  He delivers his promos with a surreal ruthlessness and great cockiness.  I mentioned how he and Alex Riley dominated their promo with Edge and continuously display timing and sincerity above anyone on the roster.  

1. Chris Jericho

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    Jericho can do pretty much anything on the mic.  He can portray the most hated heel or a loved face.  He is the best in the world at what he does.  Jericho had some very memorable moments in WCW (if you haven’t seen him announcing the cruiser-weight royal rumble or him stumbling around trying to find the ring Spinal Tap style you have to look it up) and continued his charismatic ways into the Y2J era of Chris Jericho.  I guess technically he isn't employed by the WWE anymore, but it would have really bothered me to leave him off the list.