Nike Swoosh Is Appearing Everywhere!

ThomasSenior Writer ISeptember 18, 2008

The Nike Swoosh is one of the most dominating logos in the world. It's so dominant that it ended up on a statue. Accidentally!

In 1963, a young football player named Ernie Davis died from leukemia at the age of 23 and recently, Syracuse University created a statue in his honor and on that statue was the Nike Swoosh. What's the problem you ask? Well, the Nike Swoosh didn't come into existence till 1972, almost ten years after Ernie's death. Of course, this is getting fixed by the sculptor.

Turns out, that's not the only place that the Swoosh shouldn't be.

Nike was created solely for sports, with fashion on the side. Here's some of it's first clients.

Babe Ruth, early 1900s

babe-ruth by you.

Before the days of New Era and Adidas, Nike had it's eyes on George Herman Ruth.

Jesse Owens, 1936

jesse-owens11 by you.

Adidas is German and Nike is American. So when the 1936 Olympics were in Berlin, Nike had their poster boy.

Francis Ouimet and Bobby Jones

PGGA by you.

Francis Ouimet is the youngest winner of the US Open in 1913. After his win, he was contacted by Nike and he signed a life-long contract. That's him on the left with Bobby Jones.


It (the swoosh) has even made it to the pop culture.


superman by you.

Yes, even the Man of Steel needs a suit sponsor. When Nike heard that, they jumped right on him.

Charlie Brown

Charlie_Brown by you.

Charles Schultz is one of the best comic artists of all time. When he was creating Snoopy and Charlie Brown, he contacted Nike to see if they'd want to get some advertising. They said yes.

Luke Skywalker

luke-detail by you.

Last, but not least, Luke Skywalker. Our earthly influences can be felt in a galaxy far-far away. Rumors have it that good ol' Luke crash landed in Oregon, on the way to his farm planet...and Nike officials found him. Once they realized who it was, they offered him a contract.


Well, there you have it. Nike is taking over the world. It's amazing what a guy like me can do with a Nike Swoosh, a few pictures, and Photoshop.