Ray's Review: Royal Rumble 2011

Ray SamuelsContributor IJanuary 31, 2011

Ray's Review: Royal Rumble 2011

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    The Road to Wrestlemania has officially started, my fellow Bleachers! You guys must be pretty tired of hearing that especially after Michael Cole has said that 37 times. Yes, I counted. Well, no, I didn’t.

    Hey did anybody see that sign that said “Trent Barreta should get a push!”? Or what about the sign that said “Jobber City this way” and then had an arrow pointing towards the ramp when the Royal Rumble match started? I gotta say, I had a pretty good laugh when I saw them both. Good stuff from Boston.

    Anyways, the Royal Rumble PPV is now in the backseat as we gear up for Wrestlemania 27. From this point on, WWE will really work hard into develop detailed and hopefully interesting storyline that will capture our imaginations on the Road to Wrestlemania.

    I will get to my overall thoughts and opinion about the PPV later after going through the four matches that occurred at this year’s Royal Rumble! So, without further ado, let’s analyze that 2011 Royal Rumble match per match!

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (C) Vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    Result: Edge retains the World Heavyweight Championship with a Killswitch (20:45)

    I was surprised that they actually started with this match. I thought that the Divas title match would start off the night. But I’m actually really glad WWE started with this match because it left a good taste in the viewers. The Boston crowd were REALLY into this match and with good reason.

    I could see everybody stand up from their seats when something crazy happened in the ring. It was the match of the night with high spots throughout.

    I’ll give it to WWE, they had me when Ziggler gave the Zig-Zag to Edge. I really thought it would be over at that point. But Edge kicked out to my surprise.

    And the fact that Edge was banned from using the Spear made the match even better as it gave Ziggler a slight edge and increased the psychology of the match.

    I was wholeheartedly expecting a referee knockdown which I mentioned in my prediction as that gave Edge an opportunity for Edge to hit the Spear.

    Although to my surprise, Edge didn’t gain the victory with it. He dug down deep into his weapon arsenal and used the Killswitch, a move made famous by his best friend and long time tag team partner, Christian.

    Some clever foreshadowing, perhaps?  Also the Kelly interference was a bit unexpected but that might set up a Drew McIntyre entry in the Elimination Chamber next month.

    Overall, a really great match here. Ziggler looked extremely good, proving that he can hang with best of the best in the business and is the No. 1 pick for this year’s Money In The Bank. This match seriously made Ziggler a star in my eyes.

    Match rating: 9/10

WWE Championship: The Miz (C) Vs. Randy Orton

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    Result: Miz retains the WWE Championship via interference from Nexus (19:49) 

    The first thing that came up in my mind when this match got started was the fact that the Divas title would be the match before the much anticipated Royal Rumble. Not that great of decision, but I’ll let it slip.

    Personally, I hated this match. I’m not going to lie. It was a total bomb. Take Triple H vs. Randy Orton from Wrestlemania 25, and times the horridness of that match by 5 and you get this. Miz from a referee’s point of view still got a clean pin, but his credibility as champion just went down into the ground.

    Alex Riley interferences throughout the entire match were expected, with the occasional Michael Cole interference being teased. I beg to WWE for this.

    If WWE does indeed want Miz/Cena at Wrestlemania, they need to think about giving Miz the clean win at Elimination Chamber next month. He needs it more than ANYTHING right now.

    Like I’ve said, this match was a total snooze-fest, however, the ending was pretty great as nobody was really expecting the Nexus to interfere.

    I loved how CM Punk straight up GTS’d Randy Orton. This sets up a much anticipated CM Punk/Randy Orton feud that’ll culminate at Wrestlemania.

    Other then the important ending, there was really nothing special here. If this is the match Miz delivered to us with Orton, I’m really not looking forward to how Miz will perform at Wrestlemania against Cena. Uccckh.

    Match Rating: 6.5/10

WWE Divas Championship: Natalya (C) Vs. Layla Vs. Michelle McCool Vs. Eve

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    Result: Eve wins the Divas Title (5:11)

    I’m not going to lie, I kind of marked out when the RAW general manager announced that this match would be a fatal four way match because I was actually highly anticipating for Awesome Kong to make her debut.

    Much to my sorrow, and perhaps thousands' more, Eve Torres began walking down the ramp. Sigh.

    It was a typical divas match. Not a total botch-fest, but not a Trish/Lita-type affair either. To make it worse, they put the belt on Eve when Natalya was the strong crowd favourite going into Wrestlemania. The ending was surprising but unmemorable.

    If WWE wants Natalya/Phoenix at Wrestlemania, they need to start from scratch and give the belt to Natalya and regain her the momentum that she lost.

    The ending was pretty good, but this sets up Michelle vs. Natalya vs. Eve at next month’s  PPV unless Kong debuts before it.

    Match Rating: 4/10

2011 Royal Rumble Match

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    Result: Alberto Del Rio wins the 2011 Royal Rumble by last eliminating (sigh) Santino Marella(1:09:50)

    What’s this? No Christian return? No Hunter? No Bourne? No Goldust? No...PAPA SHANGO!? NOOOO.

    In all seriousness, this has to be down there with the most underwhelming and disappointing Rumbles in history. Take the “underwhelming-ness” of the Triple H vs. Randy Orton bout from Wrestlemania 25 and times it by 10 and you get this match as the result!

    I need to stop referencing HHH vs. Orton every time I want to show how bad a match is. It just goes to show how much this Rumble match failed to meet its expectations.

    First of all, I want to rant about how Santino was the Royal Rumble runner up. Every now and then, I skim around random WWE PPV pages on Wikipedia from ten years ago and see what the cards were like on PPV’s and what feuds were going on.

    So, ten years from now, I’m going to go to the Royal Rumble 2011 Wikipedia page and see “Alberto Del Rio last eliminated Santino Marella to win the Royal Rumble”. How much of a disappointment will that go down as in history? Especially as the first 40-Man Royal Rumble in history.

    Second of all, the Rumble in general had to be booked better. John Morrison is now at the mid-card back again after his main-event push.

    Although what he pulled off at the Royal Rumble will live forever. Still, he only lasted 20 minutes. Daniel Bryan could have looked stronger than he did, but WWE missed that opportunity.

    WWE needs to realize that the Royal Rumble is not only about winning it. They need to book certain individuals strong because it not only gives them momentum for Wrestlemania, but it cements them as historical superstars.

    If WWE wanted to further the Orton/CM Punk feud, why not have Orton eliminate Punk? What about the nearly 20 minutes of mindless Hornswoggle and Cena action we saw? I was glad to see Booker and Kevin "Diesel" Nash, but at least book them to stay in there for more than a few damn minutes.  

    I’m not going to go rant on how Triple H or Christian or whoever didn’t return because it was those very returns that had the IWC raise their expectations so high. And if a returning superstar did win, the majority would say that the Royal Rumble has become predictable. Typical. It was a lose-lose situation on both sides for WWE.

    I’m very much happy with Alberto Del Rio as the winner as it’s giving him a push and a new face is bursting into a main-event scene. This’ll hopefully set up a Christian vs. Edge vs. Del Rio match for the World Title at Wrestlemania.

    But for the rumble match itself, amazingly booked for the first half, extremely poorly booked for the second half.

    Match Rating: 6.5 / 10 

To Sum It All Up....

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    Basically, other than the Ziggler/Edge bouts, and Alberto Del Rio winning the Rumble match, not much to say about this PPV. Just don’t buy the replay.

    Wait for the DVD to come out. It wasn’t special enough to spend $60 of your hard earned cash on. Kudos to the Boston crowd however cause they were electric throughout the entire event.

    I wouldn’t say it’s the worst Rumble, but definitely not the best.  Not the most paramount way WWE could have started off their road to Wrestlemania.

    However, this Rumble did accomplish much of the feuds that will go onto Wrestlemania which is only the best part. We basically get a taste of Wrestlemania in this PPV.

    Any who, until further notice, this is Ray Samuels signing off!

    PPV Rating: 6/10- Not good, but not bad either