WWE: You Want Edge vs. Christian, but They Have Something Even Better in Store

Micah Chen@thechensterAnalyst IIIJanuary 31, 2011

There are certain fueds that the IWC is just on their knees for.  Triple H vs Sheamus, Undertaker vs John Cena, but at the moment, the most called for feud is Edge vs Christian for the Heavyweight championship.

Now, Mr. McMahon is still trying to punish Christian for jumping ship to TNA by putting him on ECW where he wrestled mid-carders for the ECW Championship.  Don't even try calling that title a World Championship. 

When ECW finally disbanded, McMahon put him on Smackdown.  Everybody thought that he would finally get his long-awaited WHC shot.  Better luck next time Peeps.  He continued to feud with mid-carders, just without a title on the line.

Christian isn't exactly the young gun in the business anymore—he's old.  The grizzly veteran in the locker room.  That added with the fact that Mr. McMahon will probably never forgive him, and I highly doubt that Christian will ever get a clean one-on-one match for a world championship.

But let me emphasize this, he will never get a one on one match.

Let's track back to when he got injured.  Do you remember who he was about to start a serious feud with? 

I know, it was a really long time ago, But here's a hint—unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that a certain someone won the Royal Rumble last night.  And that certain someone gets a World Championship title shot at Wrestlemania 27. 

Alright, I think you get the point, that man is Alberto Del Rio.  At this point, his most likely match at Wrestlemania will be a WHC match vs. Edge.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge for the WHC at Wrestlemania?  Now tell me, is that really a match you'd be willing to blow 60 bucks on?

The answer, unless you're the type of guy that buys every PPV cause you can, is an obvious no.  In today's economy, nobody wants to kill 60 bucks on a main event he or she doesn't even care about.

Part of the reason why Del Rio won the Royal Rumble he is an International Icon.  He is hugely famous in big wrestling places like Japan and Mexico and I totally understand that.

But c'mon Mr. McMahon,  I know you want to make your product an international product, but for at least the time being, the majority of your fans are American.

Now I'm not trying to be racist, but I think Triple H returning and main-eventing Wrestlemania will get you a helluva lot more buys than Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge.

But the WWE has a golden  opportunity to fix this.  Going back to what I was saying, Christian was about to start a major feud with somebody.  That man was Alberto Del Rio.

Now I know Alberto Del Rio vs Edge won't excite you, but picture this: Christian vs Alberto Del Rio vs Edge in a Triple-Threat match for the WHC.

Now that, is a WHC Wrestlemania match that you can get excited about.  In fact, it may even be BETTER, than Christian vs Edge.

Think about it,  If Christian takes on Edge at Wrestlemania, it would be an epic match, no doubt about that, but where would that leave Del Rio?  A MITB participant?  A rematch with Rey Mysterio for the billionth time?  A feud with Raw's champion?  The answer is pretty much nowhere.

This match is a win-win for everybody, Edge adds star power to the Smackdown! main event.  Christian in the mix will make the IWC happy, and Alberto Del Rio will give the WHC title picture a fresh new face, and potentially a new regular main-eventer. 

I understand it would be hard to get Christian involved in the title scene after his long absence, but if the WWE "creative" team can pull every last ounce of creative magic out of the hat, then this match has the potential to be a memorable one. 

But that's just my two cents—would you, the IWC, want to see this match happen?