Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez: When Should the New York Mets Cut Them?

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Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez: When Should the New York Mets Cut Them?
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New York Mets fans have been begging for Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez to be shipped out of Queens for a while now.  Both aging players have two of the worst contracts in the league, clearly not living up to their worth, and it will be almost impossible for the Mets to find a team that would take them in a trade.  That leaves the Mets with one option: cut both players.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson has made it clear that he doesn't see the two players in the team's future.  The only way that either of these two players will stay with the team is if they have a fantastic spring training.  It must be nothing short of fantastic though.

Alderson has a short leash with these two and will not give them any second chances.  That raises the question of when Alderson should cut them.

Some people want them gone as soon as possible, but I don't agree with that.  I think that Alderson should see how they look in spring training.  Two of the Mets' biggest holes are second base and a lefty reliever.  Castillo and Perez fit those roles.

Don't think I'm crazy when I suggest this, but those two guys may be able to fill those spots nicely.  If they have a perfect spring training then I think that they should be kept on the team.  But, I mean perfect—one slip-up and they're gone.

Let's get a little more realistic, though.  Both players are due a lot of money, and even if they do shine in spring training, I'm not sure they can keep up that pace in the regular season. 

When should the Mets get rid of Castillo and Perez?

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Here's what I would do if I was Alderson:  If they both have perfect spring trainings, then I would keep Castillo and try to trade Perez.  If nobody wants Perez, then just cut him.

Oliver Perez has shown that the Mets can't trust him and I don't think that he deserves another chance.  He has already received too many.

The two players can save Alderson a headache and just go out there in spring training and stink it up.  Sandy would then just cut them and forget it.  That would set a great tone for the team and let them know Alderson expects them to compete.

My final answer is that the Mets should cut Castillo and Perez the second that they start to falter.  I respect both men as people, but not as players.  If and when the Mets cut them, then I will be happy, but I also hope that they will find success elsewhere and have good lives. 

Either way, they still need to be gone at the first sight of bad play.

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