Minnesota Vikings Week 3 Preview

Andy SmithCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

     On Sunday when the Minnesota Vikings take the field against the undefeated Carolina Panthers they will be looking to finally do something they havn't done yet this season......WIN! The Vikings are 0-2 since the regular season started, loosing to the Green Bay Packers on Monday night and then loosing their home opener to the struggling Indianapolis Colts. The Colts almost started out at 0-2 as well had they not beat the Vikings. In that game the offense could only manage field goal after field goal. scoring 15 points only to watch that fade away by the Colts future hall of famer Peyton Manning and the stellar offense.

    Another story that came up this week is coach Brad Childress deciding to bench Tavaris Jackson for the remainder of the season and going with Gus Ferotte. Ferotte is a 15 year veteran who has played on 7 different teams in his career, and fans are hoping he can lead the Vikings to their first victory of the season. So how well will this old timer fare against Julius Peppers and the decent Panthers D-line? Look the Vikings have a strong O-line so I think it's simple to see that Childress wont expect him to go out out and throw for 300 yards, he will just ask that he manages the clock and the game. And hopefully the Vikings will have star running back Adrian Peterson who missed Thursdays practice with a hamstring injury. If the hamstring doesn't bother him then expect Peterson to have another some what big day. Another key factor is Bernard Berrian who is has been suffering from a foot injury and Vikings haven't seen  him explode on the field for the money he is being paid. If he is also in the line up we could see Gus Ferotte getting some good throws to him and Sidney Rice and company. Now for the defense dont expect Panthers' running back Deangalo Williams to get very far with the leagues top run defense. With newly acquired Jerred Allan, Jake Delhome will have to worry about more then just the booming noisy crowd. The Achilles heel in this game for the Vikings could be their pass defense which we all know is sub par and the fact that Carolina will have Steve Smith back after a suspension for fighting a team mate. So don't be grumbling when Delhome tosses some deep balls to Smith.

    In the end it's going to come down to how well Gus Ferotte plays and manages the game. Yes he is an olde quaterback but he has experience somthing Tavaris can't claim and it also might be nice for Jackson to take some notes and learn a thing or two. The defense will stop the run like they have the past two games it's the pass attack that will hurt them. But I dont expect too much of an airial assault. Vikings will be pleased to see a couple nice throws and even a touchdown that doesn't come from the ground. Now for Adrian Peterson, if the hamstring doesn't limit himhe he will be doing what he does best.... running all over you and making you look silly!


     In the end I believe the Vikings will have too much for the Panthers to control and fans will be surprised by Ferotte's play.

                                       Vikings-24 Panthers-17