Damion Easley May Shut It Down: Mets' Second Baseman Unsure of Return

PJ EdelmanCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

How the somewhat mighty are falling.

With closer Billy Wagner and outfielder Fernando Tatis out for the season, it only makes sense that another important role player should follow.

Damion Easley, who has played more games at second base than any other Met this year, is unsure of whether he will return, at least for the rest of the regular season. Easley injured himself trying to beat out a grounder, indicative of the 38-year-old's play all season.

Easley has been a surprise, to say the least, for the New York Mets. A terffic June and July helped Easley amass a .295 average at the high point of his season. He batted .340 in June and .313 in July, way above expectations for this supersub. Some may argue that without his significant contributions in the middle months, the Mets would not be battling for playoff contention right now.

According to ESPN.com, Easley is having difficulty standing up, walking, and sitting. A consummate professional, as commentator Keith Hernandez calls him, Easley would love to rejoin the Mets as soon as possible, but is under no illusions of the necessity to recover before he even considers pinch-hitting.

Easley has never been to the playoffs in 17 years of playing in Major League Baseball.