Saints' Fans Are The Best In The NFL

Bleacher ReportAnalyst ISeptember 18, 2008

By reading the headline, you have probably deducted that I am stating that Saints' fans are the best fans in the NFL and you are correct. You may have your own opinion on what team has the best fans but they haven't stuck to their teams through thick and thin like loyal Black and Gold fans have. The Packers may have great showing on Sunday and all of that, but the Packers have won a Super Bowl, the Saints haven't. The Raiders fans may be fierce and all of that but they can't compare to the noise that rocks the Dome on Sundays.
Because you see, the Saints fans have stuck through the team in losing seasons, they stuck with the team when it looked like they would become the San Antonio Saints, they stuck with the team when Aaron Brooks was wasting their time and money, they stuck with the team through bad cornerbacks, and all of that and they stuck with the team during the ultimate test: Hurricane Katrina.
Nothing can compare with the noise in the Superdome whenever the Saints played the first game in the Dome since Katrina on Monday Night Football against their arch rivals, the Atlanta Falcons. Nothing can compare to what happened after special teams guru Steve Gleason blocked a punt 90 seconds into the game. Nothing can compare to the joy that the fans felt after Curtis Deloatch recovered the loose ball in the end zone for a touchdown. Nothing can compare with what happened after the Saints beat the Eagles in the Dome to advance to the NFC Championship Game. Nothing can compare with the fans of the New Orleans Saints.
We're not too rowdy, too crazy, or too dull, we're just happy with what our boys give to us every weekend, we're Saints' fans and we're proud of it.