Colston, Duece, Fujita Need To Play ASAP

Bleacher ReportAnalyst ISeptember 18, 2008

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marquis Colston is going to be out for a while after having surgery on his thumb and linebacker Scott Fujita may miss Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos when the Saints meet the Broncos in Denver. The players not practicing in Wednesday's practice included cornerback Aaron Glenn, wide receiver Terrance Copper, safety Josh Bullocks, defensive tackle Antwan Lake, Colston, and Fujita. But returning to the practice field were cornerback Randall Gay and safety Roman Harper. Mike McKenzie and Duece McAllister also practiced fully.

With Mark Simoneau out for the year, the Saints seem to be pretty thin at the linebacker position, Jonathan Vilma is turning out to be one of the best free agency pickups that the Saints had this year but with Fujita, their best outside linebacker out, it doesn't look to be a promising game in Denver this weekend.

Last season and during the preseason, the Saints seemed to have a problem with the secondary but after using rookie cornerback Tracy Porter more, the secondary seems to have shored up more, but now their problem seems to be with tackling. We saw it against Tampa Bay and again against Washington, they aren't wrapping up and making the tackle, instead they're trying to make an ESPN highlight reel worthy tackle and they're missing the tackle most of the time.

Against Washington, the offense seemed to be tired, the void that Marquis Colston filled could certainly be felt. When the Saints need a short first down, Colston usually comes through whenever the Saints opt to pass, when they run Duece McAllister usually can get the critical first down. With Colston not seeing any action in D.C. and Duece not seeing much more, the Saints had problems on third down especially in the fourth quarter when Pierre Thomas couldn't get the desperately needed first down.

With all three of them, the Saints would certainly have a chance and would most likely win the game in Denver, but if all three of them don't play, then that game may be very close, much to close for comfort. We know for sure that Colston won't be playing but McAllister and Fujita are still big question marks, with or without them, we still need to cheer on the Black and Gold come gameday.