Peter Forsberg's Return and 25 Players We'd Like To See In the NHL Today

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Peter Forsberg's Return and 25 Players We'd Like To See In the NHL Today
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I'm not sure about you, but I certainly thought it was a joke, or at least a clever headline designed to grab a reader's attention.

"Peter Forsberg Considering Comeback with Colorado Avalanche" was the headline I saw a couple of weeks ago that made me think that the "comeback" might have been a job in the Av's front-office, or maybe even behind the bench; anything but as a player.

But no, as I read on, I learned he was indeed eying a return to the ice...again.

Hearing that Forsberg is considering an NHL comeback has become about as surprising as learning that Charlie Sheen has decided to enter drug-rehab.

For both, it seems to have simply become a matter of course, and not something particularly newsworthy anymore.

However, in Forsberg's case, it's hard not to have a little bit of compassion for the guy (and believe me, as a Detroit Red Wings fan, that's tough to say).

Forsberg isn't looking to come back to the NHL because he's run out of cash or because he's looking for a higher profile, or for that elusive Stanley Cup he never won.

He's got tons of cash, is still a household name in his native Sweden and much of North America, and has two Stanley Cup rings on his hand. 

There really is no reason he needs to play in the NHL again, except for one—he loves the game.

As an NHL fan, news of Forsberg making a comeback has grown tiresome and, at this point, predictable. But as hockey player, I can fully understand his passion.

As of now, there's little reason to get excited.  Forsberg has just begun practicing with Colorado and has no idea how far he'll go with them.

After seeing foot specialists all over the world and having dozens, if not hundreds of skate boots made for him, in the end his wonky right foot may still plant itself firmly in retirement and keep all of Forsberg in the same situation.

Having a player of Forsberg's talent in the NHL would be great for the game (excuse me while I bite my tongue, ouch!).  Nevertheless, it may only be a fantasy.

That last bit got me thinking, Forsberg making a comeback to the NHL may be as likely as Ted Lindsay or Bobby Clarke suiting up for the Red Wings or Flyers.

Considering that, why not get really stupid and start looking at some of the all-time greatest players we'd love to see comeback to the NHL today.

Granted, the game has changed much over the last 10 years or so and is nearly a whole different animal than it was in the 50's and 60's.

But still, there's some players who played back then that could probably be just as exciting to watch in today's NHL as they were decades ago.

As today's game emphasizes speed and skill like never before, there are plenty of old-timers that, in their prime, could easily fit in to the 2011 version of NHL hockey.

Additionally, today's game still requires a hefty amount of jam and toughness, something the star players of yesteryear had fistfuls of (and man were they only to happy to use those too).

Finally, surveying all the players currently in the NHL, one finds few, if any, iconic captains. 

There's a couple who could make a bid for that title, yet, the days of a handful of players being universally respected, admired and revered as a leader are, at least for now, gone.

What follows is a list of 25 players that, in their prime, could not only keep up with today's game, but likely dominate it the way they did when they played it.

You'll find some pretty predictable names on this list, but also plenty of characters that, had they access to Twitter and multiple media outlets, would make today's game a hell of a lot more colorful off the ice as well!

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