College FB Polls: The Art of Leapfrogging the Georgia Bulldogs

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College FB Polls: The Art of Leapfrogging the Georgia Bulldogs
It occurred to me recently that the University of Georgia may have something quite unprecedented happen to it come Tuesday morning—and I thought I'd write about it here before it actually comes to pass.

Going into Championship Saturday over a month ago, Georgia was ranked fourth in both major polls behind Missouri, West Virginia, and Ohio State.

It stood to reason that if two of those teams lost, UGA would move up to the No. 2 spot. But it wasn't a normal weekend, and Georgia was jumped by not one, not two, but three teams that won their conference title games.

Whether that was the right, I don't know. I do know that I was not very happy about it, and I do know that of those three teams that jumped Georgia, the two that have played bowl games have lost—to lower-ranked opponents.

And on Tuesday, unfortunately, we may witness a repeat of that fateful weekend.

To wit:

On New Year's Day, the University of Southern California and the University of Georgia both destroyed the teams they played in their respective BCS bowls.

USC, which was ranked seventh, defeated thirteenth-ranked Illinois 49-17.

UGA, which was ranked fifth, defeated tenth-ranked Hawaii 41-10.

Based on those results, it seems logical that no matter what the result in the BCS Championship Game Monday night, the University of Georgia would end the season ranked ahead of the University of Southern California.

These are college football rankings, though—and logic and rankings, as already proven this season, don't mix.

You see, USC has one thing going for it that UGA doesn't (other than the song girls, UGA needs to get on that one): media idolatry.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if the final polls come out and USC has leapfrogged UGA—becaue USC is the media darling, and UGA is not.

When the Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, and LSU leapfrogged the Bulldogs a month ago, it was because they played in conference championship games and won them—something UGA did not and could not do.

USC, however, doesn't have that kind of edge. What's more, the Trojans have fewer wins against winning teams than does UGA, beat a lower-ranked team in their bowl game, and have, by far, a more egregious loss on their resumé.

If USC leapfrogs UGA in the final poll, alas, there will be only one explanation:

Media bias.

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