Can the Twins pull it off?

Andrew LarsonContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

With the 2008 season coming into the strech run there are several close division races. One of those races is the AL Central, the Twins and the White Sox are currently separated by 2.5 games. While I am a life long Twins fan I do not see the Twins pulling it off. The Twins have a couple of things that make it tough for them.

First, the youth of the starting rotation, the young arms have been great this season, but they are growing tired. Even Liriano who has only been up for a little over a month is showing signs of fatigue. When many of the young pitchers do pitch well often the bullpen blows the lead. The problems that the Twins have had in relief are only rivaled by the problems that the Mets and Brewers have.

Second, the offense can never get runs when they need them. For example in the Baltimore series last weekend the Twins put 12 runs up in each game of a double header, but the next day put three up. The offense hasn't come through for Liriano in his last 4 starts all have been no decisions. Even though the Twins have a great average when runners are in scoring position, the problem is getting runners in scoring position. Right now they have had trouble doing that.

Finally, the Twins don't have enough pop. I know that the Twins have a great hitting team and thats fine, but they need some more homeruns. The homerun is the play that creates momentum and sets the tone in baseball. The Twins sometimes don't get the energy they need to get their offense going.