Stop The Presses: Training Camp Reported to be Important!

Zane DanielsCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

I can't help but wonder after watching my Cincinnati Bengals get off to an atrocious first two weeks what things might be like if the guys actually trained in training camp.

I know...the concept is shocking! How would Chad "Ocho Cinco" be playing right now if he actually had his ankle surgery at the END of last season like he was advised to do rather than the start of training camp? How would T.J. Houshmandzadeh be playing right now if he would have actually trained in training camp instead of sitting on the sidelines watching the other guys practice? Would Rudi Johnson still be a member of this team if he had actually trained? Willie Anderson?

What is it with professional athletes today that make them believe they can just put on their shoulder pads and helmet week one of the pre-season and play at the same high level they did at the end of the previous season?

Maybe if Chad "Ocho Cinco" didn't spend his entire off-season pouting around asking for a trade he would be have more than five catches for 59 yards and ruining my fantasy team! Or maybe this is just my "sour grapes?"