Negotiations Between Patriots and Logan Mankins May Benefit the Oakland Raiders

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIFebruary 5, 2011

Logan Mankins looking for home amy land him on Oakland!
Logan Mankins looking for home amy land him on Oakland!Rick Stewart/Getty Images

This could be a dream in the making as negotiations between All-Pro guard Logan Mankins and his team, the New England Patriot, are breaking down. Logan Mankins will be a free agent this season and has been at odds with the Patriots when they tried to offer him basic qualifying pay despite his winning record as a Patriot. He became so upset that he missed the first seven game and refused to sign last season.

Logan Mankins has always been a winner. Whether he was playing for the Fresno State Bulldogs or New England Patriots, Mankins has been a formidable presence on the field. He has been a solid guard for six years and would offer toughness to the Raider offensive front if signed.

If Logan Mankins falls into the hands of Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders it would be a wonderful move. To begin with, Al Davis pays his players well when they perform. Logan Mankins is in search of great pay with a team that is heading upwards and the situation in Oakland is looking extremely bright.

Hue Jackson alongside Tom Cable last season, helped the Oakland Raiders develop a running game that was virtually unstoppable in the AFC West as Darren McFadden blazed trails everywhere on the grass. The passing attack is sure to thrive next season with new coach Al Saunders.

Next season could really blow open for Oakland with Mankins on the offense. They could use the experience and toughness Logan Mankins brings on the gridiron, and boy, does he bring it. The situation would be similar to what Richard Seymour brought to the defensive front.

The Raiders need a guard that can hold the pocket and give QB Jason Campbell the time he needs in the pocket to launch missiles or hand off to superstar RB Darren McFadden.

Logan Mankins recently told Boston Herald reporter Karen Guregian, "There are 32 teams in play, whatever one I feel is the best situation for me." Having Logan Mankins opposite Robert Gallery, who is still improving and needs to restructure his contract, would make great bookends for the silver and black. Mankins is an experienced Pro Bowl guard and as a player is absolutely solid.

The Oakland Raiders are in need of a guard and center. Current guards Robert Gallery and Cooper Carlisle have played well this past season. Gallery improves yearly while Carlisle may be cut this season.Rookies Daniel Loper and Roy Schuening still need some playing time to see what depth they bring to the silver and black and training camp will reveal the elite.

Center Sam Satele is decent but has nowhere near the play ability as a Barret Robbins. The Raiders will more than likely address that situation.

Lastly, a final factor for Logan Mankins' heading into Oakland is residence. Logan Mankins played his college ball for the Fresno State Bulldogs and has family and friends in Fresno County. A move to Oakland would bring the guard a lot closer to home and back to sunny California. Mankins  would be a great pick and would look great sporting the only colors that matter....Silver and Black