More Rumors Around The Cubs Deal, Now Ricketts?

mark murrellCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

Last week it was Canning, this week it is Ricketts. If you follow the natural progression here; next week Mark Cuban will be rumored as the next Cubs owner.

The Biz of Baseball rumor's that Tom Rickett’s will be announced as the new owner of the Chicago Cubs two weeks after the World Series. Um, ok, and what source has made you privy to such facts? None? Oh, that’s what I thought.

Truth is, as reported by the Daily Herald, that the rumor the Ricketts is in the lead is factual BS; Business doings: Cubs brass said there is no truth to an Internet report that a group headed by Thomas Ricketts is the winning bidder to buy the Cubs. Club chairman Crane Kenney said the process hasn't gotten that far. VIEW SOURCE

I have an idea, let’s ride on the rumor train for as long as we can and see what kind of foul stench we can permeate throughout the Internet. On second thought, nope, not my style. You will not see the Cuban and the Cubs site announce any Cubs owner until Bud Selig himself actually submits it to the media.

I admit, traffic soared last week when Chi-Ball said Canning was king and I diligently pointed out the BS. Truth is, the decision is no closer than it was a month ago. If it was, it would be published in the Tribune or ESPN, and I have not seen any such reference in either.

With that , I believe that it is safe to assume that since these rumors have not been sniffed out by major media companies that Biz of Baseball and Chi-Ball are just creating bogus content. Don’t get me wrong, I love these sites, but c’mon, stop with it already.