Wow: Five Lingering Questions About Current WWE Programming

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 30, 2011

Wow: Five Lingering Questions About Current WWE Programming

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    The title says it all folks. The WWE has begun to run numerous angles that tend to leave yours truly clueless.

    I wrote a few articles on each subject but I decided to release them collectively in this slide.

    There’s always come a time where we ask ourselves, “What was the point of that?” or “Where is the angle going?”

    Well lately, it’s become a hobby for me to ask those exact questions. Don’t get me wrong, some of these angles have drawn a large amount of interest from me.

    Others were just a waste of air time and the hard work of the participating Superstars.

    Honestly, I was beginning to lose interest in the WWE at times. The Nexus angle dragged on for months, Superstars left, and pointless matches and angles were like a hobby around the WWE. Toward the end of the year, things began to take a turn for the better.

    New champions and challengers, impossible but predictable angles, and the frequency of new main event talent have refueled my interest in the WWE.

    So I’ve written about the many angles/matches that have left me questioning what’s next.

    Here you have it, creatures.

Michael Tarver

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    This one is a simple as it gets.

    For the past two weeks, former Nexus member, Michael Tarver has been spotted in multiple backstage segments.

    Tarver was on hand when Teddy Long was found unconscious, when the Bella’s were having a disagreement on RAW and shaking Alberto Del Rio’s hand on Friday.

    Tarver had been absent from WWE programming since John Cena’s entry in the Nexus stable. In reality, Tarver suffered a groin injury and was forced to take some time off. 

    Now that Tarver’s back, what role does the WWE have for him?

    What’s the purpose behind his inclusion in multiple backstage segments? Will Tarver join Corre and New Nexus down the line?

    Honestly, I can’t seem to figure this one out.

Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly

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    This angle has certainly sparked a heap of interest from yours truly.  At first, I wrote the angle off as a one-week thing and that McIntyre would be back to crushing skulls like he’s used to.

    To my surprise, the WWE continued to angle and Kelly seemed so naïve at times. That’s when McIntyre came across Trent Barretta.

    In the first faceoff, Barretta took McIntyre to the limit and if not for a crash and burn senton, may’ve defeated the Sinister Scotsman. Barretta would defeat Drew in their next match, prompting a beat-down backstage after the match.

    McIntyre stopped in his tracks when Kelly witnessed his actions.

    Despite his attempts to explain, Kelly ignored most of McIntyre’s words and told him to grow up.

    Around this time, I’d learned that McIntyre’s wife, former WWE Diva Tiffany, initially pitched the angle to management. Tiffany was released weeks after an altercation with McIntyre before Summerslam.

    McIntyre avenged his loss to Barretta and offered a handshake to Barretta. Trent responded with a shot to the face that sent McIntyre reeling out of the ring.

    Drew retaliated and was moments away from giving Barretta a future shock before Kelly intervened.

    Despite attempts to explain it, Kelly brushed McIntyre off and aided Barretta.

    Drew was visually frustrated by Kelly’s actions. On the latest edition of Smackdown, Kelly sat a ringside to watch McIntyre’s match with JTG. After defeating JTG, Kelly made her way towards the ring only for McIntyre to exit before any words spoken.

    Now it seems as if McIntyre finally has Kelly affections. This storyline eerily reminds me of Y2J, Christian and Trish Stratus from a few years ago. My question is where will Creative go with this angle?

    Will they side with the obvious choose by having Kelly turn heel? Will Kelly deceive McIntyre so he could eventually turn face? Or will McIntyre and Kelly go on as a face couple?

    Only time will tell and I’m positive we may receive answers on this Friday’s Smackdown.

Alex Riley and The Briefcase

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    I’m positive that this is a question we’ve all wondered at least once. The Miz cashed in his MITB briefcase in late November to win the WWE Title.

    It’s almost February and his apprentice, Alex Riley, is still carrying around a briefcase.

    For the first few weeks after Miz’s win, Riley carried around the original red briefcase.

    Donning the wear and tear from the likes of Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and R-Truth, the red briefcase soon became a thing of the past.

    Riley now walks around with a silver briefcase. I figured it was just a relic to Miz’s accomplishment but it’s become a staple to Riley.

    Now my question is, why is he still carrying around a briefcase?

    I doubt if it’s a weapon. It’s only been used in that manner once and that was the last episode of RAW. I’m hoping the WWE isn’t trying to slide in some sort of loophole here.

    After Miz loses the WWE Title, he states that the WWE never said he couldn’t cash in twice.

    At this point, I can’t decide.

    What about you?

John Morrison and His No. 1

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    John Morrison has been involved in a feud with King Sheamus for quite some time, initially trading wins until a ladder’s match at TLC.

    In one of the best matches of 2010, Morrison bested Sheamus and won a shot at the WWE Championship. The IWC raved about the upcoming Miz vs. Morrison match at the Royal Rumble.

    Despite everyone’s opinion on Morrison or Miz, it’s no denying that these men have great chemistry.  One makes up for the others setbacks.

    The sad thing is, John Morrison didn’t receive a title match at the Rumble.

    Instead, Morrison got a cheap title match on RAW. The WWE made the outcome more and more predictable as the weeks passed, placing it as the first match on RAW and in a no-holds-barred match.

    The match lived up to our expectations and would’ve been fit for pay-per-view.

    But Creative decides to rule in favor of Randy Orton. For the fifth time in a row, The Miz will take on Randy Orton.

    Now my question is what was the point of Morrison besting Sheamus?

    Having Morrison take two steps back with a clean loss? Making the Miz look more legit by defeating a disappointment of 2010? Giving Miz more bragging rights?

    One thing we do know is that it wasn’t for pay-per-view buys. I’m positive none of us wanted to see the Viper face the Awesome One again.

When and What Angle Will Tyler Black Be Placed In?

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    This one is slightly different from all the rest.

    Seth “Tyler Black” Rollins was set make his debut on NXT Season four with Michael Cole as his mentor.  On the day of the taping, plans were changed and Black was kept in FCW.

    Black was obviously frustrated by Creative’s actions and spoke of the mishap on Twitter.

    Though he didn’t his exact target, it was clear what Black was referring to.

    Now that Mason Ryan has made his debut, when will Tyler Black move to the main roster? Why was he debut compromised?

    For an extended period of time, I felt the reason for FCW was to improve in ring ability or decrease ring rust.

    Black wrestled in ROH weeks before debuting in FCW so the ring rust theory is out of the question. Maybe it’s to help Tyler improve on the stick?

    For whatever reason, the WWE needs to speed up the process. I’m anxious to see what Black will bring to the table.