WWE Royal Rumble Breaking News: Booker T and Kevin Nash As Surprise Entrants

Joe M.Correspondent IJanuary 29, 2011

PWInsider is reporting that both Booker T and Kevin Nash are both locks as a surprise entrants in tomorrow's Royal Rumble Match.

Booker T has been in talks with World Wrestling Entertainment for some time now, and it seems as though they have reached an agreement, with Booker now supposedly making his return tomorrow.

Kevin Nash recently left TNA Wrestling, and has been in talks with TNA to come to terms on a new deal.  Talks between Nash and TNA did not lead to anything, and now WWE seemingly scooped Kevin Nash up to enter to Royal Rumble tomorrow in Boston, Massachusetts.

While PWInsider has confirmed this, that still does not necessarily mean it is 100 percent happening as plans can always change in pro wrestling.

It also remains to be seen whether Booker T and Kevin Nash will be returning to WWE full-time, or if this is just a one-night stint, like Rob Van Dam in the 2009 Royal Rumble.

There are, however, only 34 Entrants announced by WWE, and that means they are planning some surprises for us tomorrow.  Whether those surprises are huge returns like Triple H, one-night stints from WWE Hall of Famers, or just unannounced superstars like Tyer Reks remains to be seen.

I've also put together a report on my own website listing possible surprise entrants for tomorrow's big match. you can check that out here.