After Virginia Tech's First Three Games, It's Looking Like a Long Season

Zach RiceContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

Here we are, three games into the season, and we are not looking too hot. Our problem: Coach Bryan Stinespring and his offensive play calling.

I know what you're thinking: "How can you blame Coach Stinespring after we pulled a win in the GT game?"

Here's a look at our offense this year: We are ranked like 100th in the nation. 100th means there's only 19 teams worse then us. In order to make a BCS run and a run at a third ACC title in five years, we need to make some huge improvements on offense.

Also, the only thing we really need to work on defense is WRAPPING UP the ball carrier and not getting beat across the middle.

For now we must ride on the shoulders of Tyrod Taylor, Darren Evans, and Danny Coales on offense and hope our D can step up and make some big plays like we did against GT.

In closing, unless we make improvements in the areas I mentioned, it's gonna be a long year for the Hokies, and we will be lucky to make a mid-level bowl.