Tadahito Iguchi, David Yamamoto Prove Big for the Phightin Phillies

Michael KirshenbaumContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

Ahhh, first place...What sounds better to a Phillies fan than being in first place?

I personally think the reason our team has had such success is the return of one Tadahito Iguchi—the star second basemen of the 2007 campaign who played quite well when senor clutch, aka Chase Utley, was out with a broken hand.

We got "Tad" back on Sept. 2 of this year, so he will not be eligible for the postseason roster. However, it seems he brings not only good luck, but his translator, David Yamamoto.

One may wonder, "How do you know Tadahito Iguchi's translator's name, and well...a) I am a creepy Phillies fan, and b) THE GUY IS IN EFFING UNIFORM!

How ridiculously awesome is it that after every victory, Yamamoto-san walks out on the field in his uniform and shakes hands with the entire team? That is a dream job; especially since Tad never gets an at-bat, his job is exponentially easier because he never has to even translate!

So, Phillies fans, we have Yamamoto-san to thank for this continued success.