AFC VS. NFC: Are the Tides Changing? You be the Judge of That!

Aaron GlennContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

Ok Gridiron Guru's, it's your chance to make a statement.

PLOT:  Let me take you back to the days of yore.  When the children played marbles on the street corners without fear of a drug-deal gone bad.  When crack wasn't something you smoked, it was when you were crackin' jokes.  Back when Frodo took the ring.....Oh, wait, wrong story..., right before the 1970 season, the AFL and NFL merged.  I wasn't even born yet, but I know that if I had been alive, I would have loved it!  Now, 38 years down the line, we say "Football has changed!"  And my friends, that is true.  I'm not a big fan of Darwin Theory, but I'll go as far to say football as we knew it, evolved into high-octane, fast paced, run and gun fun!

That brings us to our next order of business.  Where is the most talent, AFC or NFC?

Lets take time to break it down.  Here are the teams that I think are TOP 3  in both conferences.  I would absolutely love feedback if you agree/disagree.  I want to know what the consensus says!


1. Denver Broncos:Denver has shown in these small 2 weeks that they should be considered a perennial powerhouse.  With a steadfast defense, and an offense that wouldn't even have problems with Michael Vick's pit bulls, (God rest their souls) they have shown that given time, and Shannahan, they can play with the best of them.  Watch out for these guys down the stretch.

2. New England Patriots: Even without Brady, Cassell has come in, and not really helped the team, but not hurt them.  Once he is more acquainted with the deep ball, and Randy Moss, watch out!

3. Indianapolis Colts:Even though the "Trottin' Boys" seem more like the injured "Rotten Boys" I still look at their offense and see Peyton Manning under center.  And as long as he's there, I don't see too many teams beating them.  I look for roughly about an 11 win season out of the Colts.



1. Arizona Cardinals:Kurt Warner is nothing short of amazing with Fitz and Boldin.  Mix in the good defense, and receiving back Edge and Goal Line Carrying Hightower, quite a force to be reckoned with.  I see them making a very close Superbowl run.

2. Carolina Panthers: The last two weeks for them have been the most beautiful nastiness I've seen since my daughter was born.

3. Chicago Bears:They were robbed last week by my number 2 in this conference.  Their defense has been the gutsy, brutal defense that got them to a Superbowl in 06.  Orton isn't hurting them by turning the ball over like his rival Rex Nastyman either.  And with a running back that doesn't have the last name of Weinerboy(Peterson), they look great this year!


I look forward to hearing back from all of you, with your top 3 in each conference.  Maybe you will change my attitude alittle....but i doubt it!