Cassel Vs. Favre: I Vote Cassell

Jeff BennettContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

Last Sunday's game between the New England Patriots and New York Jets was an epic battle of the Eastern Division rivals.  Full disclosure I am from New England.  I have grown to have a healthy respect for the New York Yankees but conversely I have come to share a great disdain for the Jets.  Why?  It dates back to a series of events and issues.  First, the issues caused by Bill "the greatest coach in NFL history" coming to New England.  Second, it is followed by the Jets stealing Eric "I am fatter than ever" Mangini from New England.  Third is last years blowing of the whistle on Belichick for filming by the Jets which really tarnished the whole season for New England.  Fourth, this summers signing of Brett "i am indeed a dumbo to come back" Favre.  Lastly, when Tom Brady went down in Week 1 against the Chiefs I am certain that every Jets fan was hooting and hollering about that fact that this will be the year of the Jets.  That is why last Sunday's game was so big and timely.  Brett Favre is a bonafide Hall of Famer but his best games are behind him, that is why the "hail Mary" by Woody Johnson to sign him is more marketing than good football.  I guess what would you expect from the shallowness of Gotham.  You have to love Matt Cassel though going into the "Jets nest" and playing a good solid game.  Hey this guy has not started in over eight years.  Bravo to Cassel for his poise and leadership.  Bravo to the whole Patriots team for all that they did to win this game.  One thing about the Patriots since Belichick has been coach, this is a team first.  They surely showed this last week and put a fire hose on all the naysayers across the land that the Patriots were finished.